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Astroguidance April 29th - May 5th

Helena-Magdalena's astro guide for the week!

April 29th - May 5th

A new week and also a new month are upon us, as we celebrate Walpurgis Night and welcome beautiful May!

April has been an intense month astrologically, and much has also happened around us.

Now we enter May with slightly calmer energies. It's perfect for processing everything that has happened in the past month.

If we were to designate a protagonist among the planets this week, it's Pluto! Pluto symbolizes transformation, so perhaps it's time, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, to soar upward in the energies toward new goals.

For the two personal planets, Venus and Mars, form transits to Pluto this week.

Furthermore, Pluto begins its retrograde on Thursday, offering you wonderful opportunities for deep inner transformation!

Monday, April 29th

Venus into Taurus

Venus now leaves fiery Aries and enters one of its own signs, Taurus (Venus also rules Libra), where she will thrive fantastically! Taurus is sensual, pleasure-seeking, and aesthetic. So as Venus moves through Taurus, you become more sensual, soft, and can enjoy life more on various levels. Adding a touch of luxury to your life, taking care of yourself, and enjoying a little extra suits perfectly now.

Mars Conjunct Neptune at 29° Pisces

Today, Mars catches up with Neptune in the sign of Pisces.

Passionate Mars today encounters dreamy Neptune. In the best of worlds, it brings forth romantic dreams and magical love encounters. But this transit can also represent distorted dreams and self-deception. This transit also makes you extra sensitive; you may feel anxious and stressed in tougher environments today. Use Mars' motivation to dream away and employ creative visualization.

Tuesday, April 30th

No transits

Wednesday, May 1st

Venus, Taurus Square Pluto, Aquarius at 2°

Venus barely makes an entrance into Taurus before forming a tense square to Pluto. When the planet of love Venus meets mighty Pluto, tensions in love life may arise. Be cautious of manipulation and control now. Emotions are intense, and it may involve jealousy and other deep, tough emotions. It's good not to act impulsively right now. Let this transit instead show you if you're emotionally stuck in any way.

Thursday, May 2nd

Pluto Retrograde at 2° Aquarius

Today, Pluto turns retrograde, which will last until October 12th, when it will be at 29.38° Capricorn. This means Pluto makes a final visit to Capricorn to conclude the cycle that began in 2008. Between September 2nd and November 19th, Pluto returns to Capricorn. Then Pluto re-enters Aquarius to stay there for twenty years. Pluto symbolizes life, death, transformation, change, and power within us. Now, as it moves retrograde, it's valuable to meditate on the changes you need to make. Therapy, healing, and detox help you release emotions that you need to process.

Friday, May 3rd

Mars, Aries Sextile Pluto, Aquarius at 2°

Mars and Pluto shine together, creating incredible motivation. You gain strength, focus, and drive for what you wish to accomplish. If you want to assert your will in any area, seize the opportunity today. Your power influences others!

Saturday, May 4th

No transits

Sunday, May 5th

No transits

You can have fantastic breakthroughs and opportunities now. I've written a blog post about this transit for each zodiac sign where you can read more about how it affects you personally.

Astrologer: Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt

I wish you an exciting week!

Light and love,


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