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Trusting Guidance!

Uppdaterat: 17 jan.

Allowing oneself to be guided by a spiritual leader or the guide accompanying us through life as we live our sacred contract is wonderfully fantastic. It's like having a mentor in the sky whom we can always listen to and turn to for answers and guidance.

When we are in good contact and accustomed to tuning in, allowing ourselves to be guided, and seeing the signs and following them, life becomes wonderfully meaningful. It's like looking into our own future and knowing which paths to choose in life's intricate labyrinth. It becomes clear and much simpler. When we live attuned and follow the feeling, we are beautifully guided.

When we listen and follow this guidance, knowing that we will understand more a little further down the road. When we throw ourselves out there and try our wings, dare to take new paths, life becomes even more nuanced. We know so much about our lives, really. We pick up information, often bit by bit, and occasionally we see everything in a larger context and understand the entirety of our life's journey.

Perhaps you, too, have always been guided and led through life, which I wish for all people. Perhaps you also hear your own inner voice telling you what to choose and how to act, what is good for you and what is not? This is our greatest guidance through life. It is clear, strong, and straightforward messages. It is a feeling of knowing how to act. Sometimes it's so illogical that it's hard to understand how things will happen because we have no idea, but we don't need to. If we have trust, everything unfolds for us, step by step.

In my work with the law of attraction, it's precisely the same attunement, the same source that I use in a more active way. I use my creativity to reinforce what I already sense and focus on being ready to take the next step. Many have told me that I am brave for taking new steps, often into the unknown. But, no, I am not brave; I am trusting that I know what needs to be created in my life.

The life I live now began to emerge, be seen, and desired nearly 10 years ago, with a certainty about what I was destined to create in my future. So step by step, I have been able to recognize more of what I previously visualized creatively.

When I had written my first book, "Live Your Dream," and realized all the dreams I had, I had to creatively visualize more in my future. This happens in parallel with the guidance I receive. When I sat on the beach in Athens several years ago and received the message that I should bring people to Athens' high frequencies and initiate them into the high energies prevailing there, I fulfilled that mission without hesitation. It also aligned with my longing and desire to spend more time abroad, and the pieces fell into place again in a magical synchronicity.

When you allow yourself to be guided, you become powerful in your energy and have a clear and distinct aura permeated by your radiance and life in the heart, guided by your inner voice. You become more or less unaffected by others' opinions; you listen to your own and follow your inner voice. Then everything becomes as it is meant to be. You are always so incredibly lovingly guided, never alone but surrounded by others in the other dimensions.

Even if you can't see or hear these others, they are always with you on life's journey. <3

If you want to learn more about channeling and tuning in with your spiritual guide, you can do so in many different ways, including taking my online course, Learn to Channel, which also includes meditations to help strengthen your connection with your spiritual guide, guiding you step by step.

Meditation is the foundation. By starting to meditate, you begin to tune in with yourself and your intuition. So try to make meditation a habit in your life. By using meditation, you get a myriad of benefits for your health, and moreover, you receive clearer guidance and become much better at manifesting your dreams.

Light and love, Helena-Magdalena

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