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A magical evening at Fjärås Bräcka! Where the Vikings lie buried!

Uppdaterat: 16 jan.

Yesterday, we were a small group of wonderful people guided at Fjärås Bräck, just outside Kungsbacka.

Our guide was the talented Marie Herkestam, the driving force behind it all. ♥️ Marie is incredibly skilled and shared with us tales of times gone by - the Ice Age, Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Viking Age. We learned about the fauna of the area and other fascinating details. On that chilly yet beautiful evening, we were led around this powerful site, experiencing what it's like to be in the portal of Mary Magdalene. Feeling the leyline flowing in from the Kungsbackafjorden, all the way from Glastonbury. This Leyline, with its positive energies, opens our hearts and influences our frequency on a profound level 💕 I am grateful to live close to this leyline, filling us with love, harmony, and music! I understand why mantra singing has become a part of my life, as leylines are also known as song lines. And constantly meeting wonderful people here at The Lighthouse who also long to be in these powerful energies 💎💕🙏🏻

We got to feel and experience the special stones at Li's burial ground; some are gravestones, and others possess magical properties of a different kind 🙏🏻💎. The energies of the Vikings are so alive here, and Onsala is named so because Odin's halls were here. We often see and feel energies from the Vikings and their horses here with us. 🐴 Yesterday, horses joined us on-site, so I got to bond with the horse waiting for us on the magical hill where our journey began. 💕

In the beautiful sunset, we all had wonderful experiences. As we settled into the crackling grass on the heath, we meditated in the energies, and it was so beautiful and powerful.

Life's magic is so close to us, within us, and around us. When we calm our minds and gather in a circle, magic manifests deep within us. A big thank you to Marie and everyone who was there ☀️💎🙏🏻

Light and love, Helena-Magdalena

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