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Lapland ♥️ in Sweden with Anna-Lena Vikström

Taking a moment to pause in life. Getting into the car with my beloved husband and our friends Christer Boteus and Anna-Lena Wikström, and driving up towards Norrland filled with expectations, was one of the most exciting adventures of the summer.

The reason for the trip is that our friend Christer Boteus, an author, is going to write a book about Anna-Lena's heritage, wisdom, history, and mediumship. Christer has also written the book "In Contact with the Inner World," where several mediums, including myself, share our experiences. It was during the writing of that book that I had the opportunity to get to know Christer. We have continued to collaborate, and he is the owner and collaborator with us at The Lighthouse, Onsala, and soon also in Portugal (more info below).

As we traveled together for miles and miles, there were many interesting conversations and beautiful views passing by outside the window.

At midnight on the first day, we arrived in Östersund. It was amazing how bright the night was, and it was as warm as the Mediterranean. It's a peculiar feeling to experience the midnight sun We slept so well.

For breakfast the next day, my dear Facebook friend Ulrika Nyqvist came with her husband Inge and their beautiful dog Lotus. Ulrika and I have known each other for many years and have taken distance courses from each other. I have taken Ulrika's excellent course in animal communication, and we have helped each other find lost animals on several occasions. It was so nice to meet in person!

The next day, we continued our journey to Anna-Lena's hometown, Vilhelmina. We arrived in the middle of the day, so we had time to visit the church, Vilhelmina church town, and the lovely little store Sameslöjd. We heard many exciting stories. Christer, who travels with us, will write another book about Anna-Lena, her gifts, and her heritage based on her background. If you haven't read "Hon som ser" (She Who Sees), I highly recommend doing so.

We have had many interesting conversations, including discussions about our Nordic mediumship, what unites us, and how we work in similar ways. However, we sometimes use different terms. It becomes fascinating to explore what it's like to be a seer, a medium, and be rooted in our Nordic mediumship. Our country's heritage, legends, and psychic abilities. We talked about spirits and elves, nature beings, and power animals. We talked about the Sami goddesses and their connections to the Greek goddesses, which can also be linked to our Aesir goddesses and gods. We decided that we will have a course together, Anna-Lena and I, about the goddesses in different cultures, as we agree that they are energies of various kinds.

Yesterday, we traveled to a very special place, Fatmomakke, high up in Marsfjället. It has long been a place where both Sami and Swedes traveled to celebrate various holidays, including midsummer. There are about eighty tents, some houses, and a church. We had experiences up there together, very special experiences. When we walked down the hill in the rain, we decided that we will write a book together about Nordic mediumship. I also hope that Anna-Lena will hold courses up in Lapland, by the roaring rapids and wild forests, as the nature there is powerful!

Several times, I was struck by the similarity to Delphi, the secret cave Corycian Cave up in Mount Parnassos where the oracles sat for 1200 years and predicted the future for those who came. The forest, the wilderness, the wolves, and the bears are present in both places, and the power!

So for me, there are strong connections between Lapland and Greece, and the feeling is the same when I go to sleep at night—a strong supernatural feeling, and a symbol was shown to me repeatedly. Just like how Sofa and I were guided to the symbol in Kostas's shop.

We traveled on the Wilderness Road and the Saga Road. We visited Trappstegsforsen and Sagostigen, "Sagostigen" translates to "The Fairy Tale Path" in English.

This morning, we had a last lovely breakfast together with exciting conversations. Among other things, we made plans for Anna-Lena to hold another 1-year mediumship training in 2022 at The Lighthouse, Onsala. (My next course in mediumship – Learn to Channel will start the first weekend in September, and it will be posted soon on the event page.) We also planned that, in the spring of 2022, together with Christer Boteus, we will start The Lighthouse Portugal with exciting courses by the Atlantic.

Thank you, dear Anna-Lena, for everything you shared during these days!! Thank you, Christer, for wanting to write the book, and for allowing us to join the discovery journey, Jörgen and I!

Now we have left our dear friend Anna-Lena in Vilhelmina and continued south, spending the evening with our lovely little family in Gävle at a super cozy outdoor restaurant in the summer heat. We have longed for Bella, Chloe, and Edina, and we finally had one evening, but next week, you will come down to us finally ♥️🙏🏻

Light and love, Helena-Magdalena

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