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Above the Clouds

Athinas Blue Ray Healing 


Athina's Blue Ray Healing 777

I am already trained as a Reiki healer and certified by Eric Pearl in Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, having conducted thousands of treatments. When I was called to Athens, I received, channeled, the message that I should bring people to Athens and the temple sites to provide activations (initiations). During our journeys to the mystical temple sites from antiquity, my healing abilities began to transform. After hearing 'Blue Ray' whispered in my head for many months and discovering Shekina Rose's explanation of The Blue Ray Souls, I finally saw the blue rays over the Aegean Sea and Athens (which is actually named Athina). Over Athens and Greece, the Pleiadian energies are very strong, and there are connections to ancient Atlantis.

In my treatments, my hands were guided in various patterns in the air above my client, and I received these different symbols. I then channeled a new form of healing. We are a group of about 10 individuals working with Athina's Blue Ray Healing and Athina's Blue Ray Activation. To get more information about who you can contact for services, please reach out to me.

Athina's Blue Ray Healing is a powerful healing method. It heals you on multiple levels, reaching the depths of your being. It balances your chakras and provides a 'karmic release,' meaning it also heals the imbalances you brought into this life.

The healing starts during our session and continues for several months.

Athina's Blue Ray Healing can also be performed remotely.

Athina's Blue Ray Healing 77,7 €

Athina's Blue Ray Healing –

Distant Healing – evenings 77,7 €

Athinas Blue Ray Activation

Athina's Blue Ray Activation 177,7 €

When I received the guidance to bring people to Athens, Greece to initiate them into the high Pleiadian energies, Athina's Blue Ray, I was also shown how to perform the initiation and activation of our 12 chakras. This process heals and completes, allowing us to access our 'blueprints – our soul memories' in our DNA. I promise, I don't fully understand how it happens, but I know it does. Many have traveled with me and Sofia in Greece, and we have conducted numerous activations/initiations in Plutonium's cave at the site of the Eleusis Mystery School from antiquity. The energies activated there and also in Delphi have provided my team and me with the opportunity to work with them for our clients today, even here in Sweden.

During an Athina's Blue Ray Activation, your 12 chakras are activated, all the way up to the highest source. It activates your blueprints, your soul memories, and the wisdom you have acquired in this and past lives.

This treatment can be performed in person or remotely.

Price: 177,7 €

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