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A very peculiar evening in Meteora.

"Some events are so peculiar that one doesn't understand what happened until afterwards when one reflects and realizes that certain signs were already there...

Such an event occurred to us who were part of the Roundtrip – Into the Mystics in Greece last week.

This evening was like a TV recording where we were all assigned roles that we were unaware of, at least it felt that way. It was a very strange evening that we will never forget.

We were a group of twelve women traveling to Kalambaka to visit the unique Meteora mountains before continuing to Delphi.

Meteora is located in central Greece, so we had a long journey up to Kalambaka on Tuesday.

(Text translated with Ai)

Meteora 22/9 2023

We woke up in our cozy guesthouse. After breakfast, there was mantra singing with yoga movements in the garden, and then we were picked up by Nikos, our bus driver.

We left Kalambaka behind and drove up into the beautiful mountains and their monasteries in Meteora.

Nikos drove us around on the mountain peaks. When we were done, we went to the small village of Kastraki on the way down. One of our participants, Maria P, is from Greece and had been to Meteora before. She really wanted us to give the small village a chance, and we gladly did.

We stopped on the way down and had a meal at a super cozy taverna. It was around +30 degrees Celsius, there was a breeze, the food was delicious, and we had a great time. After that, we returned to our nice hotel, Monastiri Guesthouse in Kalambaka. We hung out by the pool and relaxed.

A few hours later, it was time to get back on the bus when Nikos came to pick us up, for the sunset in Meteora that no one wanted to miss. So, we drove on the winding roads back up the mountains.

We found one of the viewpoints and climbed out onto the rocks to sit in silence and watch the sun set behind the mountains.

We sat scattered on one of the rocks. I walked around a bit, taking photos and videos. Eventually, I sat down to meditate. But instead of a peaceful meditation, I felt a strong need to pray! I became teary-eyed and desperately longed for my children, my husband, and my family. I prayed for all of them, so strongly and sincerely! It was as if my heart was completely open and sending out love very strongly to my beloved family.

Once the sun had set, I joined the others, and we walked back to the bus. I felt very tuned in and relaxed. So, I told Sofia that I really wished we could go back to the hotel, but we had booked a table at another taverna in the small mountain village, so we had to go there.

After a short while, we were back down from the mountains, and Nikos drove into the narrow alleys near the small square. We were dropped off at the small square and walked slowly across the street towards the restaurant.

They seemed happy to see us, saying: - Sofia? Magdalena? - Yes, answered Sofia surprised; she had asked the reception staff at our hotel to book a table, and the table was booked in Sofia's name. The name Magdalena was never mentioned even though Sofia's full name is Sofia Magdalena and mine is Helena-Magdalena.

It was a bit strange because the restaurant was fully booked, so our table was a bit secluded in an alley between the restaurant and the hotel behind.

Just before we arrived, I was called by a woman in Gothenburg who claimed that my stepson Viggo had parked his car in her spot, so I was a bit upset that she vented her anger on me. So, I was a bit irritated. When I saw the location of the table, I felt that I would have preferred to go back to the hotel.

Well, sometimes you just have to keep a good mood.

So, I went to the end of the alley and turned around and stood by the chair at the short end. Then I saw a man, a waiter, at the beginning of the alley who stood and observed me closely. He reminded me of Robert De Niro, and he scrutinized me, almost a bit suspiciously, from a distance.

His way of observing me made me uneasy. But I sat down and talked to the lovely friends I had around me and didn't let his mood affect me.

A younger waiter came and took our orders. He was both happy and friendly and got all of us in a good mood, including me. When the orders were made, I walked around the table so everyone could draw an oracle card. Then the younger waiter came forward and said: - Can I also draw a card? - Of course, I replied; draw one. He drew one that he immediately said he didn't like. - Draw another one, I said. He drew another one that he didn't like either. - Draw with your left hand, said Sofia!

The waiter drew yet another card, and he liked the card Sacred Fool. - You can have it, I said, take it home and put it up so you can see it and live it!

Meanwhile, the other waiter, whom we'll call Robert, since I don't want to write his real name, came and stood between me and the younger waiter. He looked at both of us and asked: - Do you know each other? The younger waiter replied: - Yes, we have known each other in many past lives, but this is the first time we meet in this life! I was completely surprised but said, yes, that's how it is, and smiled at the young waiter.

Then we sat down and ate together in the warm evening; we had a very nice time. After a while, I needed to go to the ladies' room. I had to go out through the alley, to the street, to enter the restaurant. That's when Robert almost stood in my way when I took the few steps up to the restaurant. He looked me straight in the eyes and said: - The toilet is behind the wall; are you talking to the spirit world? I was so surprised! - Thank you, I replied; yes, talking to the spirit world is what I do. So, I slipped past him and went on to the ladies' room.

Then I felt a tangible contact from a girl, a younger woman coming to me. I felt her presence strongly and understood that she was connected to Robert.

When I came out and was about to go out on the street again, Robert was, of course, in my way again. - Hey, he asked, can you talk to the spirit world? - Yes, I replied; that's among other things what I work with. - You have a younger woman in the spirit world with you, he said. - Is it only one? he asked. - No, I said; there are more, but one shines the brightest, and it's she who is talking to me now. He inquired if I usually received clients, if I had an office in Sweden, so I told him how I work. Then he put his arm on my shoulder and said: - I can't come to Sweden, but please help me! Give me five minutes in my office before you leave tonight, please, I beg you! I'll see, I said, and went back to our table.

The atmosphere at the table was different when I came back. Maria P said to me: - Please help them! She was going to tell me why, but Sofia stopped her and said she shouldn't say anything to me. But Maria pleaded with me to give him five minutes before we went back to the bus.

Shortly after that, I decided to give the man a few minutes, so I asked Maria P if she could join as a translator so Sofia could stay with the group. Maria P gladly joined, we called for Robert, and together we went back to the courtyard.

Robert called out to his wife in the kitchen, whom we'll call Alexandra. We all went together to the reception at the hotel behind the restaurant.

We sat down together. I tuned in a bit more on the girl and described that I felt joy, stress, and fast pace with her. I felt that there were more around her, but she was the one communicating with me. I felt joy, saw colorful clothes, and got a sense of very high speed, and then suddenly she and the others were just gone, it happened so fast, and it was over. They just disappeared, so I understood that something had happened that caused them to die instantly!

I asked Maria P if she could ask if they recognized what I was talking about. I felt that they really could recognize what I felt, as both of them sat there struggling not to cry.

It happened recently, I said, I feel that it's a big, big sorrow!

There were such strong emotions among us, and I felt the presence so strongly that I could almost touch it. - They were the twins, said the mother. I felt energies on both sides of me and an energy a little to the side.

Then they told me that their twin girls and their cousin were all in the incredibly tragic train accident that happened in Greece in March this year. Nearly 70 people died, most of them young people.

My heart broke when I understood! We all cried together.

They had lost their twin daughters at the age of 20 and their cousin of the same age. I asked for the names of the girls, and they brought pictures they had of the girls. I pointed to one of the girls and said that it's she who is talking to me. It was a photo taken through the train window just before the train was about to depart. It was the last photo that would ever be taken of the daughters. So unbelievable and so infinitely sad!

We talked for a while more, and then the mother said: - I believe in life after death, that the girls are with us in the spirit world. I hear them calling me and running in the stairs. She smiled through her tears and said: - For me, it's obvious, but not for my husband. He looked at me, placed his hand on my arm, and said: - Now I know that they are with us. How else would you know? When he had asked if I spoke to the spirit world, I received such a clear sign, as he said, that there are several but one is stronger, then I knew, he said!

The mother also told me that she sought comfort from the nuns in the monasteries up in Meteora and that a nun told her that life here on earth is just a preparation for our real life, the one in heaven. The nun also said that the girls are waiting for their parents when they cross over.

The mother was incredibly grateful for what I conveyed because it made her husband understand that there is an other side and that the girls are there and waiting.

We chatted for a while more, and the father ensured that he could get in touch with me in Sweden and that Maria P could interpret; he didn't want to let go. We all hugged and cried together, then we went out and stood on the street to look for the others in our group.

Then a young girl came smiling up the street towards us. - Robert called her and looked at me, smiled, and said: - Here comes our wonderful daughter!

I was so happy and grateful to meet this young girl and know that they have a daughter still alive! Thank goodness!

We hugged one last time outside the restaurant and said goodbye.

Delayed, we all jumped on the bus. We told what had happened, and everyone was very touched. We sat by the pool in the warm night, and then the questions came. - Why did they say Magdalena when we arrived? They didn't know that name. It was as if we were expected, and that Robert knew exactly who I was and what I work with, but there's no way he could know that.

We talked about whether the girls at our reception had said anything when they booked the table. They had been with us when we did mantra singing and yoga, and they knew we were on a spiritual journey, but they also didn't know that I am a medium.

Did the younger waiter who said we lived together in past lives want to open up the conversation?

When, at the end of the day, we looked at our various pictures and videos that we, who traveled together, had taken, we saw an orb that was with us, time and time again in our different mobile phones. Mine appeared already on the way up the mountain.

The women who invited me to sit with them also knew why we were there. They were so beautiful. Sofia said, - Helena, you didn't think about it, but they were dressed in black; they all have sorrow. No, I didn't think about it. But I wondered why they wanted me to sit with them, as if they were waiting for me.

My intuition on the mountain had me pray for my girls and my family, with all my heart, so I had already intuitively understood what was waiting.

The family we met and their girls have been very much in the news; everyone in Greece knows them. Their father has been very angry with the authorities because it turned out that this incredibly tragic accident could have been avoided. So the beautiful girls' pictures have been broadcast in the media, so everyone knows who they are.

When we came to Delphi and I told Kostas and his wife Naia, Kostas said: - Do you seriously mean that you travel across Europe to Greece, take the bus up to Meteora, and step right into that family? It's absolutely incredible!! Yes, that's how I feel too. It's an incredible story.

Our spiritual group of light bearers had an important mission that evening to step into these people's heavy grief and help them a little on their way. Above all, to give the father a little light in the darkness, so that he and his wife can move on in their grieving process.

I later looked at the picture of the girls, these young beautiful girls, and all the others who had been at home in the villages and celebrated carnival and were on their way in life…

A few days later, I sat and meditated in Delphi, and then Emelie came to me, another wonderful young girl who is in the spirit world. She and three other girls died in a terrible accident over ten years ago. Emelie came to remind me that I helped her father in his sorrow back then… I smiled at Emelie and understood that there was a meaning in her appearing to me now, the connection between the girls and the father.

Tonight, I'm sitting at the airport in Paris, writing this.

Just as I was about to leave Athens, standing in the boarding line, someone tapped me on the shoulder. Surprised, I turned around, but there was no one there, at least not in our dimension. I smiled and thanked the daughter who appeared to me up in the mountains; I know it was she who tapped me on the shoulder to say goodbye.

Life is a peculiar journey...

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