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Astro Guidance February 26 - March 3

Helena-Magdalena's Astro Guide for the Week!

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Love & Light Helena-Magdalena

February 26th – March 3rd

The signature of the week ahead is Pisces as the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune are all in Pisces. Venus and Mars remain in Aquarius, where they are also accompanied by Pluto. Jupiter is approaching Uranus in Taurus. So, all planets except the Moon are distributed among three signs.

This week, the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn meet in a conjunction in Pisces. Mercury and the Sun form wonderfully positive sextiles to Jupiter during the week. While Mars and Venus form tense squares to Jupiter, so there might be some tension in love relationships at the beginning and end of the week, in between, there are lovely and inspiring energies filled with inspiration, dreams, intuition, and joy.

Monday, February 26th

No transits

Tuesday, February 27th

Mars, Aquarius square Jupiter, Taurus 11°

The planet of motivation, Mars, now encounters expansive Jupiter in a tense square. This transit gives you great drive, and you're willing to take significant risks to get where you want. Remember not to bite off more than you can chew and not to act impulsively. It may make you overestimate your abilities. Count to ten at least ten times before you act now!

Wednesday, February 28th

Sun conjunction Mercury Pisces 9°

Mercury conjunction Saturn Pisces 10°

Sun conjunction Saturn Pisces 10°

This meeting consists of the Sun, our life force, Mercury, our inner communicator, and Saturn, symbolizing the strict father. Now, all three meet together at 9–10° in Pisces. It's a fantastic day for you to get things done by being ready to take responsibility where needed. This may lead to success and steps forward in life. You may be recognized for your efforts in life. At the same time, you may feel somewhat inhibited in expressing yourself. You can easily get caught up in negative thoughts, so counteract that today with positive affirmations and doing what you enjoy.

Thursday, February 29th – Leap Day

Mercury, Pisces sextile Jupiter, Taurus 11°

The Sun and Mercury beam their rays 60° towards Jupiter today, forming a lovely sextile, Mercury today and the Sun tomorrow. So, I interpret this lovely transit as they occur within just a few hours of each other. Happiness, joy, optimism, and good luck are offered now. It's a wonderful energy filled with dreams, grand dreams, and a positive outlook for the future. Aim for the stars now as these transits carry you all the way! Believe in yourself and say yes to all opportunities in life!

Friday, March 1st

Sun, Pisces sextile Jupiter, Taurus 11°

See above.

Saturday, March 2nd

No transits

Sunday, March 3rd

Venus, Aquarius square Uranus, Taurus 20°

Now, the feminine Venus encounters unpredictable Uranus in a tense square, which means tensions may arise in love relationships. In calm relationships, this transit may not be noticeable, but in more unstable relationships, it can cause trouble. Uranus is the inner rebel and can awaken a longing to go your own way, leading to sudden changes. The best thing you can do is to try to get a little more space for yourself today and avoid confrontations. This will settle down very soon.

You can read about how the different planets affect your sign in the horoscope available in the magazine. If you want to learn more about astrology, you can take the Tidningen Nära's online course on astrology, which I have written. You can read more here: [link to the course]

You are also warmly welcome to read my blog and visit my website!

I wish you an exciting week!

Light and love,



Astrologer: Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt

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