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Astro Guidance March 18th – March 24th

Helena-Magdalena's astro guide for the week!


Time: March 18th – March 24th

A delightful week is ahead! The Sun enters Aries on Thursday, marking the astrological New Year! Shortly thereafter, the Sun aligns with Pluto in a lovely sextile, empowering your desire for change, and new doors open.

On Friday, there's a bit of a challenging dip as Venus meets Saturn, leaving you feeling vulnerable. But the weekend shines with happiness, joy, and love as Venus and Jupiter form a sextile with each other. So, the weekend is all about love!

During the weekend, we'll also start to feel the effects of the full moon in Libra on Monday, March 25th, which marks the beginning of this year's first eclipse period. You'll learn more about that in next week's astro guide.

Monday, March 18th

No transits

Tuesday, March 19th

No transits

Wednesday, March 20th

Sun enters Aries – Spring Equinox – astrological New Year!

Today, we celebrate the astrological New Year! The Sun enters the first zodiac sign, the fire sign Aries. Now, the sensitive and intuitive influence of Pisces is replaced by initiative, energy, and forward-thinking. Aries is forward-looking, brave, and independent, and as the Sun moves through this sign, you'll feel your life force propelling you forward toward new goals! It's a perfect time for you to invest in the future and take new steps in life! Focus on your personal development now.

Thursday, March 21st

Sun, Aries sextile Pluto, Aquarius 2*

The Sun just enters Aries before forming a positive sextile to Pluto, which is in the air sign Aquarius. Pluto brings determination and decisiveness. This transit also gives you the power to create change. Listen to your intuition and move forward; the energy you radiate opens new doors.

Friday, March 22nd

Venus conjunct Saturn, 12* Pisces

When the planet of harmony and love meets Saturn, you may feel more vulnerable. This can create challenges in your love life, and you may want to withdraw. You may also feel lonely in an existing relationship, as if you're not getting through. The transit will soon stop affecting you, and then you'll feel more secure and trusting again.

Saturday, March 23rd

Mars enters Pisces

Today, Mars enters Pisces. Mars represents drive, motivation, and forward-thinking. In Pisces, it will manifest by allowing you to more easily envision your life; you can imagine and use creative visualization to reach where you wish to be in the coming months. Let your intuition guide you toward new steps in life.

Sunday, March 24th

Venus, Pisces sextile Jupiter, Taurus 16*

Today, a completely wonderful transit occurs when the small planet of luck, Venus, and the large planet of luck, Jupiter, shine together in a lovely sextile. Venus in dreamy Pisces and Jupiter in sensual Taurus. The energies of love are absolutely wonderful now. Moreover, it's a real lucky day when anything can happen. It's clearly one of the best days of the year! Seize the opportunities today!

Considering an astrologically intense April for all of us, I've written several blog posts about the events in April. You can find them all on my blog:

All astrodata is CET (Central European Time) Astrologer: Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt

I wish you an exciting week!

Light and love,


Astrologer: Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt

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