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Astro Guidance March 25th – March 31st

Helena-Magdalena's Astro Guide for the Week!

March 25th – March 31st

The year's first eclipse period is here!

It's the first lunar eclipse of the year, happening during the full moon in Libra on Monday morning at 08:13.

The full moon in Libra marks the beginning of the eclipse period, which concludes at the new moon in Aries on April 8th at 18:20, at 19°. These eclipses initiate a new cycle in your life that will influence you until autumn, until the next eclipse period.

During an eclipse period, it's like the Universe gives us a push forward, propelling us along our path. It's an intense time, and we might not fully understand what has happened until after the eclipse period. Have faith in everything that's happening now, even if you can't quite grasp it.

This eclipse period will also coincide with Mercury retrograde, which begins on April 1st when Mercury is at 27° in Aries. So, Aries is once again at the center of events. You'll learn more about that in next week's astro guide.

During this lunar eclipse with the full moon in Libra and the new moon in Aries, you may experience a period of transformation and growth. While Libra symbolizes balance and harmony, Aries represents initiative and action. This can lead to interesting relationships and internal changes.

Libra's energy encourages us to reflect on our relationships and values, while Aries' energy urges us to take bold decisions and try new things. However, these changes can be intense and sometimes challenging. Things may be shaken up to bring about change.

Aries represents you and your path forward in life, and Libra represents your relationships, partnerships, and friends. So, in the light of the full moon, it's valuable for you to see which relationships are fulfilling in your life and which ones it's time to let go of. Libra helps you create greater harmony in your life, and Aries favors you to take new steps in life.

The planets in the sky are centered around Taurus, Aries, and Pisces, and Uranus leads the charge towards the future, closely followed by Jupiter.

With the full moon in Libra, the series of different transits in the sky that will make April a very intense period also begins.

April is the most intense month of the year, as Jupiter and Uranus will also meet in conjunction on April 21st in Taurus. Because these are such special events, I've written several different blog posts; you can read more on my blog at

On Thursday, a lovely sextile forms between Venus and Uranus in Taurus. It's an exciting aspect for love that can lead to thrilling encounters. Otherwise, there are no transits in the coming week.

Monday, March 25th

Full Moon - Crow Moon in Libra 5° - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 08:13 (CET)

The full moon in Libra is governed by Venus, forming beautiful sextiles to Jupiter and Uranus and a conjunction to Saturn. The moon itself forms an opposition to the Sun, which is in conjunction with Neptune. Libra represents our relationships, and in meeting with Saturn, you are given the opportunity to assess which relationships are beneficial for you and which ones take more energy than they give.

Tuesday, March 26th

No transits

Wednesday, March 27th

No transits

Thursday, March 28th

Venus, Pisces sextile Uranus, Taurus at 21°

Venus in romantic Pisces forms a sextile with exciting Uranus in sensual Taurus. This is a super lovely transit that benefits love life in several ways. If you're single, you could meet an exciting new love. If you're in a relationship, focus on renewal, stepping out of your comfort zone a bit, and inviting adventure into your shared life.

Friday, March 29th

No transits

Saturday, March 30th

No transits

Sunday, March 31st

No transits

Due to an astrologically intense April for all of us, I've written several blog posts about the events in April.

You can find them all on my blog:

I wish you an exciting week!

Light and love,


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