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Astroguidance June 17th – June 23rd

Helena-Magdalena's Astro Guidance for the Week!

Period: June 17th – June 23rd (CEST-time)


Midsummer week is here! On Thursday, the summer solstice arrives as the Sun moves into the intuitive sign of Cancer, and on Midsummer's Day, there will be a full moon in Capricorn! This Capricorn full moon is characterized by the intuitive, inspiring, and magical energies of water.


The week begins with Venus and Mercury in Gemini forming squares to Neptune in Pisces, creating confused thoughts and misunderstandings. Right after, both Venus and Mercury enter Cancer where they meet in a conjunction. On Thursday, the Sun also forms a square to Neptune. With these squares to Neptune, the planet of illusions, it's wise not to view the world through overly rose-colored glasses this week. Be cautious of beautifying reality too much, whether it's you or someone else.


On Midsummer's Eve, a beautiful sextile forms between Mercury and Mars, providing mental stimulation and boosting motivation. The full moon then shines upon us, making for a truly magical Midsummer!


Monday, June 17th


Today, both Venus and Mercury form a square to Neptune in Pisces before moving into Cancer where they meet in a conjunction.


Mercury, Gemini square Neptune, Pisces 29.52°


Mercury's square to Neptune can lead to confusion and disillusionment. Avoid important meetings and conversations if possible, as there's a high risk of misunderstandings and unclear situations. Instead, take the opportunity to meditate and listen to your feelings and intuition.


Venus, Gemini square Neptune, Pisces 29.52°


In your love life, you might also experience confusion and a dip in self-esteem, leading to a distorted view of yourself. Similarly, you might misunderstand things about your partner that aren't true at all. Take this day with a grain of salt and let things be.


Venus enters Cancer


Venus leaves the airy, pleasure-seeking Gemini and moves into the loving and nurturing sign of Cancer. In recent weeks, you might have felt flighty and somewhat emotionally detached, but now deeper feelings come to the surface. You show your love through tender expressions and a desire to care for your partner more deeply, promising a delightful Midsummer weekend.


Mercury enters Cancer


Mercury also enters Cancer today. During its transit through one of its own signs, Gemini, it brought many thoughts, ideas, and perhaps some restlessness. Now, as Mercury moves into Cancer, it's a perfect time to gather your thoughts and practice mindfulness to center your focus. Meditation helps you listen to your intuition.


Mercury conjunct Venus 0.19° Cancer


As Mercury and Venus enter Cancer, they meet in a conjunction. This is a lovely transit for love. Mercury helps you articulate your feelings, making it a wonderful day for love and friendship. It’s easy to express your affection and devotion. These planetary energies promote harmony, light conversations, and pleasant collaborations.


Tuesday, June 18th

No transits.


Wednesday, June 19th

No transits.


Thursday, June 20th – Summer Solstice –


The Sun enters Cancer


The summer solstice arrives, marked by the Sun moving into Cancer at 22:51, lighting up the shortest night of the year. As the Sun leaves Gemini and enters Cancer, following Mercury and Venus earlier in the week, the energies shift significantly. The active, communicative energy of Gemini gives way to the emotional and intuitive energy of water. Now you can tune into your feelings, listen to your intuition, and embrace the loving energies of the coming weeks. Cancer's loving desire to care for loved ones will create a beautiful energy for Midsummer.


Sun, Gemini square Neptune, Pisces 29.53°


The Sun also forms a square to Neptune, just before entering Cancer, again causing the confusion felt earlier in the week. Let these energies pass and don't push yourself too hard. Harmony will soon be restored.


Friday, June 21st


Mercury, Cancer sextile Mars, Taurus 9°


This is a wonderful transit to start the Midsummer weekend. Communication planet Mercury meets motivation planet Mars. When these two planets come together, it creates exciting energy with flowing ideas, thoughts, and stimulating discussions. Communication is clear and precise, and everything moves a bit faster than usual. By Midsummer’s Eve, the Moon will be nearly full, but it reaches its peak on June 22nd at 03:07.


Saturday, June 22nd


Full Moon - Strawberry Moon - in Capricorn 1°


The full moon in Capricorn, also known as the Strawberry Moon, is ruled by Saturn. With this clear energy, you can see things more realistically and sensibly. After the recent confusion, your life becomes clearer, allowing you to reflect on what you're ready to let go of. The Moon, Mercury, and Venus form a harmonious trine to Mars, so look ahead and set new goals for your life path under the light of the full moon.


Sunday, June 23rd

No transits.


Astrologer Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt, Sweden


Wishing you an exciting week!


Light and love,


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