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Astroguidance June 24th – June 30th – (CEST-time)

Helena-Magdalena's Astro Guidance for the Week!

Week 26

Period: June 24th – June 30th – (CEST-time)


This coming week is a bit calmer on the planetary front after last week's major energy shift. Mercury and Saturn form a wonderful trine on Wednesday. Mercury also forms a delightful sextile to Uranus on Sunday. Communication is now clear, precise, and insightful after last week's confusing energies. Additionally, a beautiful love transit between the celestial lovers Venus and Mars occurs on Saturday, and their loving energies are felt throughout the week. So enjoy this wonderful week!


Monday, June 24th

No transits.


Tuesday, June 25th

No transits.


Wednesday, June 26th


Mercury, Cancer trine Saturn, Pisces 19°


This wonderful transit helps you on your path towards your dreams and future goals. Your thoughts are sound and reasonable, and you have the perseverance needed to move forward in life now. Make long-term plans. You will accomplish a lot!


Thursday, June 27th

No transits.


Friday, June 28th

No transits.


Saturday, June 29th


Venus, Cancer sextile Mars, Taurus 15°


When Venus and Mars shine together in the sky, it enhances love life! Now Cupid is intensely sending his arrows towards people on Earth. If you are in a relationship, it gets a new spark. If you are single, love may appear on your path now. This is also a wonderful transit for socializing with friends. It also favors creative endeavors of various kinds.


Sunday, June 30th


Mercury, Cancer sextile Uranus, Taurus 26°


Yet another wonderful transit forms in the sky today. Mercury and Uranus shine together, offering exciting news and interesting conversations. Mercury represents the lower mind and Uranus the higher mind, so you may gain valuable insights today. But also be prepared for changed plans, as when Uranus is involved, sudden events can occur that require you to adjust your plans.


Astrologer: Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt, Sweden


Wishing you an exciting week!


Light and love,


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