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Astroguidance May 6th – May 12th

Helena-Magdalena's astro guide for the week!

Time: May 6th – May 12th

The week offers a powerful New Moon in the sign of Taurus. This New Moon carries the energies of the highly positive conjunction between Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus in Taurus! With Saturn sextile, wonderful conditions are created to manifest your dreams!

Monday, May 6th

No transits

Tuesday, May 7th

The Sun, Taurus sextile Saturn, Pisces 17*

When the Sun shines in harmony with Saturn, wonderful opportunities are created for you to reach your long-term goals. As Saturn bestows endurance, it gives you the strength to work towards long-term goals and achieve them!

Wednesday, May 8th

New Moon in Taurus 18*

This New Moon carries the fantastic energies of the Venus, Jupiter & Uranus conjunction and also the diligent energies bestowed by the Sun and Moon's sextile to Saturn. The Moon, Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus together are a force to be reckoned with! Taurus represents your resources, so utilize the resources you possess and invest in the future. Wonderful flow, luck, and high energies accompany you on the journey. Write down your goals and dreams and watch them manifest! It's also a wonderful, loving energy around us, and relationships formed now are blessed with lovely energies!

Thursday, May 9th

No transits

Friday, May 10th

No transits

Saturday, May 11th

No transits

Sunday, May 12th

No transits

You can have fantastic breakthroughs and opportunities now. I've written a blog post about this transit for each zodiac sign where you can read more about how it affects you personally.

Astrologer: Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt

I wish you an exciting week!

Light and love,


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