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Uppdaterat: 17 jan.

It's evening, darkness has settled outside the windows where I sit. It's cold, sleet mixed with rain, and winter. It provides excellent opportunities to make the most of the long evenings. I usually go out for a while and listen to the sea, but now it's only the wind speaking to me. For the sea is frozen, still, and silent.

Legend has it that if we walk in the olive groves, Zeus whispers messages to us. Zeus, in Greek mythology, is the God of Gods. He is the guru, our guide, our spiritual teacher. So, in the sound of the winds, I usually listen for that inner, powerful voice from my own guru, my guide. It feels good to ask questions and listen for answers, if any come. Sometimes, my sense is that the more we need messages and signs, the more we can create a blockage. So, I have practiced just being, in a neutral state, and listening for a while. Grateful if there are whispers of messages but also grateful if it's silent. Because if it's silent, I usually think, "So good, then I don't need a message today."

Anyway, today I have reflected on astrology, as always. Saturn and Uranus form a challenging square throughout 2021. Saturn is the stern father, our karmic teacher, and Uranus is the ingenious rebel! They challenge each other significantly this year. Saturn, which wants to set boundaries, give responsibility, and create restrictions, is in Aquarius, which wants freedom, to go its own way, and think outside the box. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which is in Taurus, where Uranus, the rebel, urges us to wake up! Uranus represents rebellion, revolutions, and thinking new thoughts to find new solutions! So, in 2021, I feel we can expect a lot of demonstrations and uprisings worldwide. Uranus stands for fighting for our own free will, wanting air and to be free of all the boundaries that Saturn is fighting for. Uranus is, as I mentioned earlier, in Taurus, and Taurus represents our values, finances, and how we use the Earth's resources. So, this year, we all need to continue the awakening that started in 2020. We all need to reflect on our values and what creates inner security for us. We will see alternative finances and currencies and other ways to earn money.

This year is also the Year of Aquarius, as Jupiter is in Aquarius. Aquarius is a trendsetter and sees the future and the vision of the future! So, this year, we also want to find our soul tribe, find those who think like us. So, good questions to ask now include:

In which area of your life do you want to be a rebel and create more freedom?

Where is it time for you to put your foot down? Feel where your life rubs, because where it rubs, it might be that you put your foot down and say, "Thank you, I've had enough now!"

In which area of your life do you wish for more freedom? Where in your life do you feel that you want space and more air under your wings?

These are good questions to be aware of in this very special year.

Similarly, you can ask questions like, which people do you long to meet, what do you want to engage in? Where is your soul tribe? Because 2021 invites us to meet in groups of community with people who share the same thoughts and views as us.

Aquarius rules the Internet, which creates excellent opportunities for us to "meet" in a different way, online. We meet online until we can meet in reality.

One more thing I want to write about during this time and this year is that we are in a time with many challenging squares in the planetary sky, which means that contradictions are created. We feel the sense of being in different camps, the feeling of right and wrong, the feeling of us and them. It creates a polarity that is not favorable for us humans, as it creates division.

I try to stay neutral here too, letting information come and go without getting too involved in different opinions or feelings. We are living in an extreme time right now, and somehow we have to believe in a better future (which the energies of Aquarius contribute to), but we may not feel such great balance during 2021. We can expect more balance in 2022. Then we have the number 222, which is an emotional angel number, adding up to the number 6, associated with Venus! Venus is the planet of love, the beautiful arts, and also of balance, love, and harmony. Jupiter will be in the sign of Pisces for much of the next year, increasing our sensitivity and spirituality.

While 2021 creates the number 5, which is Mercury, the messenger of the heavens, so we can expect a lot of news and communication during the year 2021. Mercury is curious like a journalist, asking questions and demanding answers, just as we can see in all the press conferences replacing each other. Mercury is also a trickster, and it can, of course, mean that not everything we hear is true. Words come too quickly and easily in many situations throughout the year, so try to ask yourself: What is this really about?

Pluto represents power and force, and it also governs viruses. I wrote a lot about Pluto in connection with the pandemic in 2020. What I feel is worth mentioning is that Pluto is retrograde again this year, from April 28th to October 7th. During this time, I get the feeling that the virus is receding, just like during Pluto's retrograde in 2020 from April 25th to October 4th. So, spring and summer feel calmer regarding the pandemic. In 2020, I wrote that a second wave was likely from early October onwards, and it happened. Unfortunately, it might be the case again this year, but I believe the impact is milder during this year. Pluto stands for life and death, associated with Hades in Greek mythology, the ruler of the underworld. Emphasizing life, I would like to say as well! I would have liked to see recovery numbers after Covid-19 instead of just focusing on the opposite!

So, let's look forward to summer and the assurance that we can experience a brighter future!

Now several planets are entering the sign of Aquarius! Around February 11th, we will have a stellium in Aquarius, meaning several planets in a row. So, The Age of Aquarius is significantly reinforced now!

We are in a gigantic shift, and we are going through this tough trial period so that the old world can change, and a new and better world can be born!

So, meet your soul tribe and focus and set intentions on creating this new world together! This year, the fixed signs are greatly affected by squares! The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The energy of the fixed signs is like four walls in a room, and with the force of what is happening now, these walls are to be torn down. It's like all our systems are being shaken apart, the walls fall, and then it's like the energy of the Phoenix bird. We will rise from the ashes and create the new!

Yes, those are some thoughts I had today about the tough but also exciting time we are living in right now! This too shall pass...

Imagine how you want your life to be. Imagine all the joy that will spread across the world when this pandemic is finally over! Imagine the wonderful feeling of gratitude when we can live as we did before and enjoy recreating everything we want in our lives! Imagine that you are the rebel in your life and that now is the time to put your foot down and say no to what you no longer want to carry into your new life! Because everything you can imagine, you can also create!

If you don't quite find the answers, go out and listen to Zeus in the winds; perhaps his whispers will remind you!

Light and love, Helena-Magdalena

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