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Astro - numerology for 2024!

So, Your 2024 unfolds!


2024 is an 8 year!

Everything in the Universe vibrates at different frequencies. Certain emotions, objects, and events exist on the same frequency. That's how we can look at our different chakras, crystals, colors, angels, and even magical numbers. By starting with the frequency of numbers, we can also connect them with the frequencies of planets. The same goes for our different letters, which also vibrate at different frequencies.

Here, the astro-numerology for your birth year will be presented for 2024.

Our various planets are associated with different numbers in astro-numerology.

2024 = 2+2+0+4 becomes the number 8, harmonizing with Saturn

The Lord of Karma and The Lord of Time

Saturn is associated with the Titan Kronos in Greek mythology, the son of Uranus and the father of Zeus. He was considered the god of time and generations. The word "chronic" is derived from "khronikos," meaning over time.

Saturn rules over Capricorn and belongs to the Earth element!

Limitation, discipline, time, patience, structure, and order are associated with Saturn. It also rules over our fears and self-criticism. Saturn is known to be the planet of karma and symbolizes the "stern father" who ensures that we learn our life lessons.

We can all acquire the wisdom of life gained through experience, which is also governed by Saturn.

So, in 2024, it is a year that favors long-term thinking, a willingness to take responsibility, and learning from our life experience. Karma stands for "what we sow, we reap," for better or worse. In 2024, we reap the rewards we deserve after doing good work, and we also receive feedback if we haven't fully taken responsibility for our actions.

Thus, 2024 is a year to check in on what we have learned, take full responsibility for ourselves and our lives. It may bring a bit lower self-esteem, as Saturn can make you more self-critical.

Saturn rules over bones and teeth in astrology. So, this year is perfect for taking better care of these areas. Saturn signifies stiffness, so gentle forms of exercise are ideal: yoga, Pilates, dance, and other activities that soften your body.

Be the change you wish to see in the world!

So, 2024 is a universal year 8 for all of us, but what is your personal year?

Calculate your personal year!

You can calculate your personal year by:

Adding your birth day and month's number to the year's number, for example, for me:

I was born on 15/10 = 1+5+1+0 = 7

the year's number 8, then I add these two, which makes 15

Then I add the digit of the number 1+5 = 6

So, I have a 6 year in 2024.

You can also calculate what your personal year is following the example above.

What birth year do you have in 2024?

Birthday + month + the year's number (8) = your year

Below, you will see the meanings of all numbers in astro-numerology.

In parentheses, I'm writing the current year, so you can follow along going forward.

1 THE SUN (2017, 2026)

1 is the Sun's year, representing creativity and new beginnings. It's a delightful year with new dreams, and you look forward with new vigor. During a 1-year, it's perfect for using your energy for new goals in life. There are many creative projects and innovations that can come to fruition during your 1-year. If you have a 1-year, you have just started a new 9-year cycle, and it's a good idea to look at who you are now. Who have you become? What have you let go of? Start anew and use your creativity! Set long-term goals!

2 THE MOON (2018, 2027)

2 is the Moon's year, increasing your sensitivity and intuition. You may long for more time for yourself, for reflection, and to observe the world from a distance instead of being in the spotlight, as the 1 year offered. Your intuition is strong, and you are guided more by your intuition than your logical thinking. This is a wonderful year to "land" after the intense year you've had. To deepen what you have created, to have time for reflection and to catch up with yourself now in this calmer energy. Let intuition lead you forward and unleash your imagination. Perhaps this is a year when you start writing, singing, painting, dancing, or doing something else that is in harmony with your feelings!

3 JUPITER (2019, 2028)

3 is Jupiter's year, a year of expansion and growth. It brings new knowledge and visions, and your feeling is that everything should grow. It's a delightful year with a lot of energy but also restlessness. You are endowed with a feeling that nothing can stop you. This is a year for bigger goals, dreams, plans, and visions. Let yourself expand on all levels where you feel it has become too tight within or around you. Aim for the stars, and you might at least get a good way up into the treetops!

4 URANUS (2020, 2029)

4 is Uranus's year. It is a karmic year, and much can fall into place through sudden events. Uranus is associated with chaos, so many may experience their 4th year as chaotic, but from this, positive changes occur, and everything happens quickly! This may feel a bit like walking on shaky ground, as if you can't quite trust what your next step looks like. You are innovative and free yourself from what limits you now. When Uranus is present, it is always with a feeling of a bit of chaos, but it can also be a wonderfully creative chaos, and the most beautiful result can emerge from this chaos.

5 MERCURY (2021, 2030)

5 is Mercury's year, meaning communication on all levels. Speaking, writing, singing, and everything related to communication are favorable. It can be a year for writings and publications, an exciting year with full speed. When Mercury is present, it can overload your mental system. It's like thinking all your thoughts at once, and you may find it hard to focus. Mindfulness is perfect! So, write lists, dear you, lists of what you have done, lists of what you are doing, and lists of what you want to do. Write down your thoughts and reflections so you don't feel nervous and scattered. Some structure is required to make the most of this year, where everything tends to happen very quickly!

6 VENUS (2022, 2031)

6 is Venus's year, which means you seek harmony and balance in life. You also aspire to live in a beautiful environment and make the world a more beautiful place. Devoting yourself to various arts, which are governed by Venus, is perfect. You seek harmonious relationships more than usual. Enjoy arts, music, creation, beautiful colors, and design. This is also a year that can be creative in the fine arts that Venus governs. Venus is the planet of love, so you want love and to share life with your loved one, which looks favorable this year for you.

7 NEPTUNE (2023, 2032)

7 is Neptune's year, and it is a spiritual year for you. You want to take it a bit slower, meditate, and catch up with yourself. Your intuition is stronger, and you want to devote more time to our inner growth. This is a year for self-awareness and being in touch with your higher consciousness. Here, you may notice new interests in the occult, astrology, religion, or something else that can fill your spiritual self. Neptune is a bit subtle in its energy, so be open to its somewhat cautious signals. Neptune also stands for nepotism, that you want to see the world through rose-colored glasses. This may make you want to see the world and the people in it as you want them to be, so don't be fooled, try to see things in the white light of reality too.

8 SATURN (2024, 2033)

8 is Saturn's year, and it is a very karmic year! This means that you may face consequences from previous actions, both greater responsibility and successes from earlier efforts. With Saturn's energy, you have the strict "father" with you in what you do. This means that what you undertake is done thoroughly, guided by organization and structure. Saturn contributes to making you better at living in structure and routines and better at taking "one thing at a time, and the most important first." You become diligent and have considerably more patience during your Saturn year.

9 MARS (2025, 2034)

9 is Mars's year, and it contributes a lot of energy and action. It is a year when you don't have the best patience, and you want to act first and think later, which can have consequences. Restlessness and some aggressiveness can characterize a 9 year, and it's a year when you automatically let go of what no longer benefits you. You simply don't have the patience to hold on. The Mars year also means that you end a 9-year cycle this year. So see it as a year when you have the opportunity to finish things. Be aware of what you want to end this year and take action on it. Don't be in a hurry this year!"


I work as an astrologer for the magazines Nära and Tara in Sweden.

 work with the CET time zone.


You are also warmly welcome to read more about me and follow my blog, visit my website:


I wish you an exciting week!


Light and love,



Astrologer: Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt

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