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Astronumerology - this is how your 2023 will be!


2023 is a 7 year!

7 is the spiritual number that signifies bringing heaven down to earth!

2+2+3 adds up to the number 7, harmonizing with Neptune – Poseidon, the Lord of the invisible Kingdom and the Lord of the seas!

Neptune is the god of the sea, the stormy, deep, and mighty ocean. Water symbolizes our emotions, and Neptune rules over the intuitive, flexible water sign Pisces. Neptune is also the most spiritual planet.

Neptune represents inspiration, dreams, psychic gifts, and the subtle, spiritual realm. It also governs artistry and musicality. Neptune also stands for illusions and disillusionment, so it's valuable to be aware that things may not be as they seem this year.

Neptune is the spiritual planet that also represents enlightenment, healing, and healthcare.

So, 2023 is a year when it's valuable for us to have more time for ourselves, for meditation, introspection, healing, and spiritual enlightenment.

Listen to your intuition, your spiritual voice, and the spirit world. We can expect a year with exciting artworks and music. But, above all, it's a year where spirituality continues to rise, and the desire exists to heal both ourselves and Mother Earth.

So, 2023 is a wonderful year for all of us to make the world a more spiritual and enlightened place. Partly by finding our soul's guidance and allowing healing to happen across our world. Music and art will be created in a longing to make the world a more beautiful place. Be the change you wish to see in the world!

So, 2023 is a 7 year, but what is your personal year?

You can also calculate your own personal year by adding your day and month numbers to the year's number. For example, for me:

I was born on October 15th = 1+5+1+0 = 7 // + the year's number 7, then I add these two, which gives me 7 + 7 = 14. Then, I break down 14 = 1+4 = 5.

So, I have a 5 year this year.

You can also calculate what your personal year is following the example above. What year are you in this year?

What is your year?

Birthday + month + year's number = your year

Below, you'll see the meanings of all the numbers in astronumerology. In parentheses, I write the current year so you can follow it forward.

1 (2017, 2026)

1 is the Sun's year, representing creativity and new beginnings. It's usually a delightful year with new dreams, looking forward with new energy. During a 1 year, we want to look forward and use our energy for new goals. There is a lot of creativity that can find expression during our 1 year. If you have a 1 year, you've just started a new 9-year cycle, and it's good to look at who you are now. Who have you become? What have you let go of? Start anew and use your creativity!

2 (2018, 2027)

2 is the year of the Moon, increasing our sensitivity and intuition. We may long for more time for ourselves, for reflection, and to observe the world instead of being in the spotlight. Our intuition is strong, and we are guided more by gut feeling than logic. This is a wonderful year to "land" after our 1 year. To deepen what we've created, to have time to reflect and catch up with ourselves at a slightly slower pace. Let intuition lead you forward and unleash your imagination. Perhaps this is a year when you start writing, singing, painting, dancing, or doing something else in harmony with your feelings!

3 (2019,2028)

3 is Jupiter's year, representing expansion and growth. New knowledge and new visions come with a feeling that everything should grow. It's a delightful year with a lot of energy and restlessness. A sense that nothing can stop us. This is a year for larger goals, dreams, plans, and visions. Let yourself expand on all levels where you feel it's getting cramped within or around you. Aim for the stars, and you might at least get quite high up in the treetops!

4 (2020, 2029)

4 is Uranus's year. It's a karmic year, and much can fall into place through sudden events. Uranus is associated with chaos, so many may experience their 4 year as chaotic, but positive changes happen, and everything goes fast! This may feel a bit like walking on shaky ground, as if you can't quite trust what your next step looks like. When Uranus is involved, there is always a sense of a bit of chaos, but it can also be wonderfully creative chaos, and from this chaos, the most beautiful result can emerge.

5 (2021, 2030)

5 is Mercury's year, meaning communication on all levels—speaking, writing, and having clear communication. It can be a year for writings and publications. An exciting year with full speed. When Mercury is present, it can overload our mental system; it's like we're thinking all thoughts at once and feeling that we have a bit of difficulty focusing and actually remembering everything we think. So write lists, dear you—lists of what you've done, lists of what you're doing, and lists of what you want to do. Write down your thoughts and reflections so you don't feel nervous and scattered. A bit of structure is required to make use of this year where everything has a tendency to happen very quickly!

6 (2022, 2031)

6 is Venus's year, which means seeking harmony and balance in existence. We strive for the beautiful and the pleasant. We can engage in various arts governed by Venus. We seek more harmonious relationships than usual. Here, we want balance and order after the tumultuous 2021. Enjoy arts, music, creativity, beautiful colors, and design. This is also a year that can be creative in the fine arts that Venus governs. Venus is the planet of love, so here we want love and to share life together.

7 (2023, 2032)

7 is Neptune's year, and it's a spiritual year for us. We prefer to take it a bit slower, meditate, and catch up with ourselves. Our intuition is stronger, and we want to devote more time to our inner growth. This is a year for self-awareness and to be in contact with our higher consciousness. Here, you may notice new interests in the occult, astrology, religion, or something else that can enrich your spiritual self and understanding of life on a higher plane. Neptune is a bit subtle in its energy, so be open to its somewhat cautious signals. Neptune also stands for idealism, that we see the world through rose-colored glasses, and that makes us see the world and people in it as we want them to be, so don't be deceived—try to see things in the light of reality too.

8 (2024, 2033)

8 is the year of Saturn, and it's a highly karmic year! This means you may have to face consequences from past actions, but it also signifies success. With Saturn's energy, we have the strict "father" with us in what we do, meaning that what we undertake is done thoroughly, guided by organization and structure. Saturn contributes to making us better at living in structure and routines, and we become better at taking "one thing at a time and the most important first." We become diligent and have considerably more patience during our Saturn year.

9 (2025, 2034)

9 is the year of Mars, and it involves a lot of energy and action. It's a year when we don't have the best patience, and we want to act first and think later, which can have its consequences. Restlessness and some aggressiveness may characterize a 9 year, and it's a year when we automatically let go of what no longer benefits us—we simply don't have the patience to hold on. The year of Mars also means that we conclude what no longer benefits us. We no longer have the patience to be in what no longer feels interesting. Let it go and move forward (not rush), and you'll see that you've accomplished a lot by the end of the year.

So now, we anticipate a wonderful, spiritual, and inspiring year 7!

Enjoy the year! Take the opportunity to write down a list of everything you want to let go of from 2022 and release it, letting it go with love!

Also, take the opportunity to make a list of everything you want to tackle in 2023—what needs to be completed, what do you need to delve into?

If you want to learn more about astronumerology, you can find it in my latest book "Live Intuitively - Find Your Life's Higher Purpose." It's available at Vattumannen and other places like Bokus, Adlibris. Here's the link to it at Vattumannen!

Good luck!

Light and love, Helena-Magdalena

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