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Blue Rays, Indigo, Crystal, and Diamond Children

Soul Groups!

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We humans undergo constant changes in our development; of course, it is so, otherwise, progress would not have moved forward. If we start from the assumption that everything vibrates at different frequencies, everything in the Universe, and that we humans are integrated with the Universe by communicating through our emotional vibrations. We can be excited or downcast; it's all about vibrations.

We have a frequency depending on our own sensitivity. If we vibrate at a higher frequency, we are more receptive to the world around us. Many of us are highly sensitive individuals and also very intuitive. The children being born are at higher and higher frequencies, contributing to humanity vibrating at higher frequencies. Look into the eyes of the little children, and you will encounter many Crystal Children. Crystal Children have big, clear eyes, and it's like seeing the sensitivity they radiate. They are highly intuitively developed and know truths. If we think of the Earth's development also progressing in steps, we can compare it to our phones; first came the iPhone 3, then 4, then 4s, then 5, then 5s, then 6, and then 6s, and now we are waiting for the iPhone 7. We can actually compare it a bit to humanity; we evolve more and more and move up into higher and higher dimensions. Some want to keep their iPhone 3, and eventually, updates stop, and then there is no room for development unless you upgrade to a newer phone. It can feel a bit like that when we meet the new children; we don't understand everything because they are ahead of us in different ways.

We are important for these children.

Many of us belong to a soul group called Blue Ray; we were born between 1950 and 1970 sometime. We are a sensitive soul group with mediumistic gifts and abilities. Many of us are introverted and have kept our spirituality to ourselves or in very closed circles. Many of us, in 1993, when Neptune and Uranus were in conjunction, had a spiritual awakening. Spirituality spread throughout Sweden; fairs were organized, books were published, and much was about the new era, which led to much being gathered under the term New Age. A lot of different subjects were then included in the New Age term, so the New Age concept has always landed a bit wrong. In any case, many of us are Blue Rays, and many of us have devoted ourselves to spirituality for many, many years, but more individually.

After the Blue Rays, the Indigo Children began to be born. Indigo Children are here to show us that the old 3rd-dimensional systems are wrong. Indigo Children find it difficult to follow given rules simply because they do not understand why they exist. Many Indigo Children had problems with school; why sit still, why learn a lot of kings by heart, and why should everything be so square? Many children with Indigo energy have had difficulty adapting to the systems, and they have struggled hard to question boundaries and rules.

After the Indigo Children, children at even higher frequencies began to be born: the Crystal

Children, who vibrate at a high frequency. They see through everything and have mediumistic abilities. They know what is right and wrong and have a built-in system for justice, for everyone's equal value, both human and animal. They react strongly to injustices by becoming very sad and deeply affected. They are not as outwardly expressive as Indigo

Children; they are more introverted and calm and very sensitive.

When you look into the eyes of a Crystal Child, it's like all wisdom is there. They tell, matter-of-factly, with tears in their eyes, how we should care for animals and nature, how we should live in peacetime, and how everyone is of equal value. Then come the Diamond Children, with an even higher vibration. These children are still so small that it is difficult to see how they will be as individuals, but they have an infinite amount of wisdom with them. These are very old souls coming down to Earth now. These children are here to save the world. Those of us who also live at higher frequencies need to be there for them. We need to support them in their spiritual development and confirm them in their truth. Many of us who are Blue Rays have been living in the fifth dimension for 30 years, well on our way up to both the sixth and seventh dimensions. These children are already there. We humans are magical souls when we are born, but in different ways, we are turned off and forget our past lives and our wisdom. These new souls do not forget; they are not turned off. Even though the world, in various ways, wants to lower the frequency for these children, they live entirely in clarity about how things should be. Very beautiful souls are here now, and those of us who have been here longer need to help them in various ways.

By standing in our truth and living our spirituality, we show these children and young people the spiritual path. A very wise Crystal Child whom I know well, one of my daughters, came home the other day and told me that she had seen a strange woman on a boat. We both understood that she had seen a woman from the spirit world. She found it scary and became frightened. I tried to explain the different worlds to her and that there is only a veil in between. After a while, she looked at me and said: Nothing really exists; everything is just an illusion. Then she smiled and asked if I thought she was completely mind-fucked? No, I said, you describe it roughly like spiritual masters who are many, many years older than you. She became very thoughtful but at the same time confirmed in being wise.

We are needed, and all these children and young people are needed. We need to help each other to change the world.

Light and love, Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans

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