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It's time to write the book about my life... or the books.

Uppdaterat: 18 jan.

My youngest daughter calls and asks, "What are you doing, Mom?" I reply, "I'm learning about autobiography and memoirs because I plan to write ✍️ my life." Jessica responds, "I want to read that 🤩🙏🏻." "Oh, I'm so happy!" I reply (thinking about my spiritual journey through life). Jessica says, "Yes, Mom, you've experienced so many cool things in your life! Like when you escaped through the back door of a restaurant to get away from the mafia in Italy! Who has experienced something like that, Mom!?"

"Yes," I say, recalling when I found myself, accompanied by local police, outside the Hilton in Tel Aviv in the middle of a bomb alert at 3 in the morning, surrounded by newly awakened men and women in nightclothes. "Mom, you've had such an exciting life and done so much. Imagine getting to read about it," Jessica adds. After a while, my oldest daughter Cassandra also calls. We have a similar conversation, and her pep talk makes me equally happy!

I feel that I need to rethink and not "just" have my spiritual experiences and encounters as the main theme but rather life itself. ♥️🙏🏻 During the walk down to the sea I just took, I am flooded with wonderful memories throughout my life! Perhaps the book starts with my "near-death experience" when I was a few months old. Or when I tearfully boarded the plane to Athens in 2008 to find myself, with my beloved friend Sofia? I don't know yet... but my synopsis is starting to take shape ✅ My mysterious journey through life, or maybe it should be called My Crazy Journey through Life at Full Speed 🤩☀️😁🥰 We'll see how it shapes up!

Then there will be a Helena-Magdalena's Life Guide about everything I've learned, experienced, and want to share in my spiritual work. 💙

After that, it's probably time to write the book that will be the most painful to write, where the memories still sting like sharp needles in the heart but may be the most necessary for those who need it! "Help, My Child is Using Drugs" about my and my beloved oldest daughter's 8 years in hell! With deaths, pitch-black grief, drugs, authorities, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Care (BUP), Social Services, police, and more, but also with so much love, gratitude, beautiful moments, and an immensely strong love between mother and daughter!! ♥️🙏🏻☀️✍️

I feel immense gratitude that I have been a diligent diary writer throughout my life; everything is there in book after book 📖 — all the names, memories, places, feelings, and experiences. ♥️

Love & light, Helena-Magdalena

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