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Astro guidance February 5 -11, 2024

Uppdaterat: 2 mars


Week 6


Time 5/2 - 11/2


The week ahead offers a lovely new moon in Aquarius on Friday. This is the perfect time to set new goals to create greater freedom in your life. There is a lot of energy from the sign of Aquarius surrounding us now. The unconventional, original, freedom-loving and forward-looking. When Mercury now also enters Aquarius, it meets Pluto and their energy becomes curious and deep-thinking, digging and interested in the hidden.


Monday 5/2


Mercury into Aquarius

Mercury conjunction Pluto 0.29* Aquarius


Today Mercury enters the air sign Aquarius, where it immediately aligns with Pluto, which has just entered Aquarius.

Mercury, the messenger of the gods, feels very comfortable in the mental, logical and rational Aquarius. There will be a lot of thoughts, ideas and communication in the coming weeks. When Mercury now meets Pluto, the focus is on deep, exciting subjects. Pluto is the planet that stands for going deep into subjects and understanding things in depth. This transit can bring secrets to light and give clarity on what was previously hidden from you.


Tuesday 6/2

No transits


Wednesday 7/2


Venus, Cancer trine Uranus, Taurus 19*


Today Venus and Uranus align in a beautiful trine. This is a lovely and favorable love transit. Uranus stands for the untried, and this transit can lead to exciting love encounters. It stands for different people being drawn to each other, as one gladly seeks the exciting and unexplored. In existing relationships, innovative thinking is favored. Social life is at its best. This transit also gives a wonderful and exciting creativity. You may get ideas for creative projects that you have never tried before. Uranus awakens your inner rebel, and it's a perfect day to take some extra liberties.


Thursday 8/2


Sun, Aquarius square Uranus, Taurus 19*

Mars, Cancer sextile Neptune, Pisces 26*


Today the Sun and Uranus form a tense square. This is a tense aspect that can manifest in different ways for you. The Sun in Aquarius wants freedom and Uranus in stable Taurus also wants freedom. Uranus is known as the inner rebel, and if you find yourself in a tense situation, it can test both your mood and your patience. This transit can stand for sudden changes and may be so, but don't let your mood cause you to act in haste.

Mars and Neptune create a lovely energy together today. Mars gives you motivation and Neptune inspires you to daydream and imagine how you want your life and your career to be. Use this lovely energy to visualize your future.


Friday 9/2


New Moon 21* Aquarius


Today there is a new moon in Aquarius where the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto are on their way through the zodiac. Uranus is the ruler of this moon and it forms a square to the Sun and Moon, showing where you may want to create greater freedom in your life. Listen to your intuition and feel the winds of freedom carry you forward now. Aquarius energy is clear-thinking and forward-looking, so look ahead and let your originality shine through and live your authentic self.


Saturday 10/2

Mercury, Aquarius square Jupiter, Taurus 8*


This tense transit between Mercury and Jupiter can make you want to skip the details and get in over your head with your belief in yourself and your abilities. It's a bit too easy to make big plans today, so think carefully so you don't promise too much. Today, moderation is best.


Sunday 11/2

No transits


I work as an astrologer for the magazines Nära and Tara in Sweden.

 work with the CET time zone.


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I wish you an exciting week!


Light and love,



Astrologer: Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt

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