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Astrological Guidance January 1st – January 7th 2024

Helena-Magdalena's Astrological Guidance for the Week!

Week 1, 2024

Time: January 1st – January 7th

Welcome to 2024!

Jupiter, which has just turned direct in Taurus, sends its radiant glow into 2024! On Tuesday, Mercury also turns direct, leaving Uranus as the only planet moving in retrograde motion in the celestial vault (until January 27th).

So, the energies are moving forward, and that characterizes the upcoming week, which, by the way, doesn't have many transits. It will be a calmer week that kicks off 2024.

Anyway, let's now focus on the upcoming week, which is very calm in terms of planetary movements, with few transits.

However, we have a square between Venus and Pluto on Monday. On Tuesday, Mercury turns direct in Sagittarius, and on Thursday, Mars moves further into Capricorn.

Monday, January 1st

Venus, Sagittarius square Saturn, Pisces 3*

This transit can affect your self-esteem, making you feel lonely, insecure, and unloved. It may create stress in your love relationship but remember that this is only a passing feeling within you. Try to create some more time for yourself and do what you enjoy; it will make you feel better.

Tuesday, January 2nd

Mercury turns direct at 22* Sagittarius

Yes, now he finally turns in the right direction, the trickster Mercury. Perhaps you've noticed his energy causing communication issues? Things can easily be misunderstood and tangled during Mercury retrograde. However, it has also given you the opportunity to gather loose ends in your life, to finish things, and to be more collected for the new start of the year. Now, Mercury turns direct at 22* in Sagittarius, perfect for you to focus on the future and aim for the stars. Misunderstandings are clarified, and delays are a thing of the past, so new, fresh steps forward await.

Wednesday, January 3rd

No transits

Thursday, January 4th

Mars enters Capricorn

Today, the planet of motivation and drive, Mars, the ruler of Aries, enters Capricorn.

In Sagittarius, he motivated you to create new dreams and set goals. Here in Capricorn, you get the structure and planning ability you need to achieve your long-term goals. Step by step, piece by piece, you are now creating your future.

Friday, January 5th

No transits

Saturday, January 6th

No transits

Sunday, January 7th

No transits

I work as an astrologer for the magazines Nära and Tara in Sweden.

work with the CET time zone.

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I wish you an exciting week!

Light and love,


Astrologer: Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt

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