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Horoscope for 23th May - 27th June

Listen to your intuition in the early summer sun!

Summer is just around the corner and there are wonderful energies at work. Jupiter has just entered Gemini and is creating a new flow in our lives. Jupiter is also creating lovely transits to spiritual Neptune and soulful Pluto. So the weeks that follow create transformation and change for you. Listen to your intuition and feel free to write down the new insights that come to you now. Let your new self emerge from within you, like a butterfly spreading its wings in the summer sun!

Aries March 21 - April 20

Your drive and motivation are at their peak and it's a perfect time for you to take new steps in life. Together with others you will be inspired and get new exciting ideas, take the opportunity to meet new people. It can be at various events, courses and the like, but really everywhere you choose to start talking to people. You are super social in the coming weeks so take the opportunity to invite people to a farm party, mingle or simply celebrate life. You'll get lots of exciting ideas about what you want to do in life. Take the opportunity to write down all the ideas that come to you now, because it is this special flow you are in that creates this creative flow.

My tip: Write down your ideas!

Taurus April 21 - May 21

In the past year, you have evolved tremendously, through different kinds of liberation transformations. Your new self has been created, a stronger, more confident and freer version of yourself! Feel the joy and flow that is within you! Now it's your inner personal resources and your finances that come into focus. What gifts do you have to share with the world, what talents and skills do you have to invest in your profession that can create new opportunities for you? You have amazing opportunities to build your finances for a whole year from now, as Jupiter moves through your second house. Your life path and career are undergoing major exciting changes for many years to come.

My tip: Invest in your finances!

Gemini May 22 - June 20

Congratulations to all the lovely Gemini's on your birthdays and on the fact that you will be visited by the lucky planet Jupiter who will be in your sign for a whole year! A really great year with wonderful flow, good luck, growth and new steps in life awaits. With Jupiter in your sign, you are starting a 12-year cycle, which means it's the perfect time to set long-term goals and look to the future. Think of this year as a smorgasbord, be inspired, try new paths and listen inward to lay the foundations for the future. Jupiter is also forming perfect transits now, affecting your careers and life paths. New people are coming into your lives, welcome all the new things being created now!

My tip: Aim for the future!

Love: 23/5, 2/6, 27/6

Work: 23/5, 4/6, 14/6, 21/6

Friends: 23/5, 1/6, 3/6, 14/6,

Cancer June 21 - July 21

Your spiritual self is being strengthened by the inner transformation you are undergoing for a long time to come. Take the opportunity to create extra time for yourself in the coming weeks as your longing for stillness, meditation, and mindfulness asserts itself. You might enjoy journaling to record the insights that come to you. Or you could develop your writing and take it to the next level, your inner emotional world is a treasure trove to draw from. Your inner leadership skills will develop and you may feel you are finding your calling, which may be to help women and children in different ways. By sharing your gifts with the world, you make the world a better place.

My tip: Listen to your intuition.

Leo July 22 - August 22

You've put a lot of effort into moving forward in your life and career this past year. It has paid off and you can now start to relax and enjoy life a little more. Welcome new and exciting people into your life, because you now have the opportunity to make contacts that extend far beyond Sweden's borders. Find your like-minded people, find the places you want to reach and make your life an exciting adventure now and in the future. This can happen in the physical world or online. You are widening your circles of people to surround yourself with and you are letting go of some people you have had in your life. Let this transformation happen, it is written in the stars.

My tip: Expand your world.

Virgo August 23 - September 22

Aim for the stars in the year ahead. Lucky planet Jupiter now enters the house of your life path, social status and career where he creates a lovely flow and amazing opportunities for you. You are changing a lot in the depths of your soul and you may want to re-saddle and do completely different things in life now and going forward. Think about what you do every day, does it feel rewarding to you, or are you really passionate about other things now? Try to get to the bottom of your motivation and let the winds of change blow through your life now. Maybe you'll change your lifestyle or find new routines in your life that suit you better, follow your intuition.

My tip: Follow the winds of change!

Libra September 23 - October 22

Over the past year, you have been transformed in the depths of yourself, which has given you valuable insights even though you may have experienced some periods as the dark night of the soul. Now the energies are turning and your deep work on yourself is done for this time. Now you turn your gaze forward and outward into the world. Finding your philosophy of life can take you into exciting books or out on exciting trips to other cultures. Now that you have cleaned up your inner life, you may be looking for your place in the world, where you feel at home and the people around you are your soulmates. If you can't travel, books, comics and movies can inspire you.

My tip: Seek your philosophy of life!

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

Your spiritual self is calling you now and in the coming year, your inner voice is powerful and it's a perfect time for healing, therapy and detox. It's like you're doing a deep cleaning of your inner self and clearing out your deep emotions. Which makes you even more powerful on an emotional level. You can also search for your roots to gain a greater understanding of who you are and where you come from. What do you carry in your genetic heritage, what parts of you long to be realized? The coming year also favors financial cooperation and investments you make with others. It may be appropriate to apply for money from foundations and the like if you have extra luck!

My tip: Unleash the power within you!

Sagittarius November 22 - December 20

You can look forward to an exciting year as new people come into your life. It can be new friends, colleagues, partners and other people who want to get closer to you. Opening up to new contacts will enrich your life. If you are in a love relationship, it will deepen and there may be talk of cohabitation or marriage. If you are single, it may be in the coming year that you meet love. It could be a love that comes into your life and changes it forever! A soulmate or twin soul that comes into your life to stay. Coming weeks are super lovely for you and it is the perfect time to have fun, travel and enjoy life.

My tip: Enjoy life!

Capricorn December 21 - January 20

You're great at what you do and it's appreciated by others. You may be given new tasks or a new job. Believe in yourself and even if you feel that it is almost too much for you to handle, believe in yourself, through clear structure and good planning you will manage it gallantly. Think about being here and now, take one thing at a time and the most important thing first so you feel that you are moving forward. Think a little extra about your health, make sure you get in soft movements so that you do not get stuck and stiff. Dancing, doing some yoga and other gentle forms of exercise will help you maintain your flexibility. Remember to have fun too!

My tip: Believe in yourself!

Aquarius January 21 - February 19

You have a great year ahead of you, as Jupiter is in Gemini. It's really time for you to enjoy life, take new chances and use your creativity. Your mind will be enriched with wonderful insights and creative ideas now. Feel free to write down all the visions that come to you. Take new steps in life and see life as an exciting adventure to make the most of this energy. The weeks ahead are perfect for fun, travel, and having a good time! If you're single, love may come your way, so take the opportunity to meet new people in different settings. If you're in a relationship, now is the time for a new spark and playfulness between you.

My tip: Have fun!

Pisces February 20 - March 20

The coming weeks are perfect for you to search for your roots, to better understand your origins and become more clear about who you are and where you come from. Genealogical research or visiting your relatives can give you valuable insights into your origins. You feel more whole and gain a greater understanding of different behaviors in yourself and others. Your intuition is strengthened for many years to come so your spiritual self becomes more and more important to you. It's also a perfect time to put some extra effort into your home. Create a home that matches your personality, sensitivity and artistic soul, a place where you can be inspired, create and relax.

My tip: Create your dream home!

Astrologer: Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt

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