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Tonight, we gather, lightworkers side by side.

Uppdaterat: 18 jan.

On this darkest day of the year, the day of the winter solstice, I sit in the dusk and reflect. The sun has just set, and the moon shines over the sea.

The moon is currently in Pisces along with Neptune. There are very nice, inspiring aspects on this very special day.

Last week, both Jupiter and Saturn changed signs from Capricorn into Aquarius, and today they are very close to each other in the "Great Conjunction." We are now in the midst of this significant shift. Jupiter and Saturn meet every 20 years, but what makes this occasion remarkable is that, for the past 200 years, they have met in different signs and elements of the earth. The significant difference now is that they are meeting in the air sign of Aquarius. For the next 200 years, they will meet in the element of air. The element of air is associated with thoughts, ideas, and communication, and the signs that belong to the air element are Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. So, now we finally get some wind beneath our wings.

We have truly been shaken and awakened in 2020, this incredibly strange year when the world came to a halt, and one-third of the world's population lived in lockdown with nearly the entire world operating under restrictions. So now, it's like we all feel, "I want to break free!" That is the tone for 2021 – we want to be free! Free as the winds! The entirety of 2021 will be characterized by our desire to regain our freedom and create a new world.

With the element of earth, we have been building the entire industrialization since the 1800s, using the earth's resources in various ways for development and, of course, economics. In 2020, we realized that we are very small and that happiness and freedom cannot be bought with money. We have all had to wake up and be grateful for our lives in entirely different ways. Our plans have been overturned time and again; it is truly the energies of Uranus in the air. Uranus represents chaos, shock, confusion, and awakening.

2020 was a very karmic year for the world and for each of us individually.

Tonight, two of our solar system's powerful planets meet, as I mentioned above. They are said to have met over Bethlehem at the time of Jesus' birth. The wise men, who were magi, astrologers from Chaldea, knew that this conjunction would happen and journeyed to find the world's savior. Are we also standing for the world's salvation? But in an entirely different way this time? Jesus came to the world to initiate the elevation of energies and frequencies through The Christ Consciousness. Could it be that we are now facing the next significant frequency elevation? Yes, I have a feeling. I have a feeling that it is happening right now, all around us – worldwide.

Throughout my life, I have lived my spiritual mission, and I have longed for this ascension that would come. So many times, I have talked and lectured about the new era and the Age of Aquarius with frequency increases and heightened awareness! My feeling is that this is happening right now around us – all over the world! Now, the Age of Aquarius is truly kicking in. The energies of the Age of Aquarius have been unfolding for perhaps 50 years! You know, the hippie movement with Love, peace, and understanding and the musical Hair with the powerful song The Age of Aquarius!! Now we are here! Can you imagine that it is really happening right now?

There are many souls like us who have chosen to be on Earth at this strange and powerful time! The Blue Ray Souls, the Indigo Children, the Crystal Children, and the Diamond Children, all here to help raise higher frequencies. We are all one, and we radiate our light together!

I feel an enormously humble gratitude to be here on Earth at this moment, and my entire life's calling for 30 years has been about enlightenment and the new era. So today, perhaps my career is fulfilled, I think and smile.

I gaze out at the sea in the twilight and listen to "I AM LIGHT" – so atmospheric!

In a few hours, some of my friends will join me, and we will go down to the sea to honor the new era by, together with many other people in many other places, lighting a fire to welcome the light!

Side by side, we gather as bearers of light to raise the frequency over the Earth! We are all one <3

I will livestream a meditation from the sea tonight – everyone is welcome to join! Here is the event: [Event Link]

Light and love, Helena-Magdalena

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