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Imagine if you could visit yourself in your past lives!

Uppdaterat: 16 jan.

Certainly, doesn't it sound both intriguing and incredible? Imagine that we can "peek into" our past lives and catch glimpses of different times and worlds we've lived in. For those who haven't tried it, it might sound peculiar, and I completely understand that. I've personally undergone several regressions into past lives. These regressions have taught me a lot about who I am now and why. It's like receiving clues about the themes we experience in this life and the connections that exist in our past lives. When we see and can relate to it, we undergo profound changes within ourselves.

If we were to view this life as a chapter in an eternal book of life, regression is like reading the previous chapters, bringing clarity to this chapter in an exciting way. Understanding our life's theme from a broader perspective allows us to, with increased comprehension, realize that we often repeat past themes. Once we grasp this, our mental and emotional patterns change, and we become freer to evolve in this life.

Through regression, we can dissolve the blockages that hinder us; we can more easily comprehend our fears and dare to challenge ourselves. It's truly fascinating.

A wonderful book recommendation here is "Many Lives, Many Masters" by Dr. Brian Weiss! It's a very touching and intriguing book about two people who reunite in this life.

In 2021, Saar Avivi will conduct three weekends here at The Lighthouse focusing on Past Life Regressions. This provides us with the opportunity to undergo multiple regressions during these weekends. Saar will lead and guide us professionally through these regressions.

Three identical weekends will be offered, and attending all three is highly advantageous. Saar aims to offer training for Regression Therapists in 2022 for those who wish to continue and whom Saar assesses as suitable to become therapists. As a therapist, you can utilize your skills and help other people through regression.

Love & light, Helena-Magdalena

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