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"Big Changes Await" The Astrologer on the World Horoscope!


The Astrologer on the World Horoscope: "Big Changes Await"

(Article Nära Magazine Sweden, published marsch 2024)

Magazine Näras astrologer Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt aims to spread knowledge about how we can all use the night sky to find answers and gain understanding of what is happening around the world now. Astrology is also a great way to better prepare for the future, both personally and globally.


One of astrologer Helena-Magdalena's major interests is the World Horoscope, the mundane astrology, to see what will happen on Earth in the future. This allows her to be a bit more prepared for the significant, transformative events and to plan her own activities in the best way possible. It's a knowledge she gladly shares.


It's primarily the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto that affect the collective - humanity and the world. Helena-Magdalena gives an example of how her astrological knowledge has been important in personal decisions.


"In September 2019 and at the end of the same year, astrologers noticed that there would be a planetary meeting in 2019 - 2020, when Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto would converge in Capricorn. Every time this has happened, there have been major changes in the world. Saturn represents limitations, large organizations, and national borders. Pluto represents life and death, transformation, and viruses."


Altered Travel Plans Before the Pandemic

These planets were going to converge. Jupiter came in and expanded, causing everything to grow very large, explains Helena-Magdalena.


"My husband Jörgen and I were planning a longer trip in March 2020. But when I saw that this planetary meeting was looming, I told Jörgen that we were facing a world change. I couldn't say what would happen, but I understood that the world would change and that it was about borders closing and shifting."


"Because something very big was happening, I suggested to my husband that we should take the trip in January instead."


So, the couple expedited their trip, which included a visit to Mexico.


"I remember standing in a Mayan temple and feeling a powerful shiver throughout my body," says Helena-Magdalena. "I understood that much would happen over the next couple of years. But what we were facing, I didn't know."


"We returned home and landed in Gothenburg on January 25, 2020. Shortly thereafter, we were in the midst of a global pandemic, with borders closing and a virus spreading across the globe."


Astrology Provides Us with Future Information

The catastrophe that ensued hadn't been fully foreseen. But Helena-Magdalena and other astrologers had written about facing a major change, and that's how she believes predictions through astrology can be used.


"We can obtain important information by observing how planets move across the celestial vault," she says.


In February 2022, the war in Ukraine began. Several clients and podcast listeners contacted Helena-Magdalena and reminded her that she had predicted a significant risk of war in the spring of 2022.


"I know that in my and Benny Rosenqvist's New Year's Eve podcast before 2022, I talked about the challenges posed by the planets, which indicated a risk of war. Perhaps it was a combination of being both an astrologer and receiving visions as a psychic medium, but I simply got a feeling that the war was coming."


Planets Move into Different Zodiac Signs

How does she then relate to receiving this type of information in advance?


"By seeing and reading the planetary sky, I gain trust that there is a greater purpose to what is happening," says Helena-Magdalena. "It's part of the course of events."


"Humanity is evolving now. From 2023 - 2024, with a strong focus on 2025, all the outer planets will move into different zodiac signs. They'll enter another zodiac sign."


Helena-Magdalena explains that if we look at Neptune and Pluto, they only move into another zodiac sign every 15th - 20th year, so very rarely. And when they do move, significant changes occur. So when all the outer planets move simultaneously, it means that we're facing major events - which is exactly what is happening in the world now.


Rebirth Awaits

Helena-Magdalena explains her vision of the future - if a new world is to be born in greater light, love, and harmony than we live in now, then the old must come to the surface to be torn apart.


"Sometimes you have to clean out the old to make room for the new," she says. "This is what we can see today. We have a very old-fashioned war playing out in Europe. The old is coming to the surface for things to change."


Many people reach out to Helena-Magdalena and other astrologers and mediums in their worry. To them, our astrologer has the following message:


"For two years, until 2026 - 2027, we can't do much more than 'hold onto our hats.' It will be stormy to allow everything new to be born. There is much that is tough happening around the world, but also much that is positive. Just look at the technological developments and the incredible rise of spirituality, where people seek their spiritual selves. We must not forget this and the rebirth in the world."


The old must be torn up before the new can be built.

"Astrologically, I have a feeling that 2025 will be a year of very significant changes for the world, as the outer planets leave the elements of earth and water to enter the elements of fire and air."


Earth represents the world's resources - electricity, money, inflation, food. So does water, showing that we should wake up and be in the feeling of what is valuable to us, she explains. Fire represents enthusiasm and initiative, new projects and fresh starts, and air is intellectual, learning new ways.


Helena-Magdalena summarizes everything like this: Alongside the fall of the old, we will see new leaders in the world, new inventions, and new ways of living that become easier for humanity.


"If I'm going to completely rearrange my home, I have to tear up and create chaos before I can get things in order and clear out. That's how we can see what's happening in the world now," she concludes.


Article written by Madeleine Walles, Nära magazine.

Astrologer: Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt

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