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The Souls on Earth Now

That's the title of my lecture on Blue Ray souls, Indigo, Crystal, and Diamond children, which I will be presenting on Nära's spiritual cruise at 11:00 on Monday, October 15th in the Banquet Hall.

I've encountered many of these different soul groups, although not as many Diamond children as the others, as they are still quite young.

It's beautiful to meet these wonderful souls in all their high sensitivity and purity. They are very open to mediumship because they vibrate at a high frequency, and their emotional systems are highly developed.

Everything in the Universe vibrates at various frequencies, and so do we. Every cell in our bodies vibrates, and billions of cells communicate with each other so that all our cells vibrate at the same frequency. One could say that the more sensitive you are, the higher your vibration. If we then consider that this is what allows us to perceive and experience other dimensions that have higher frequencies than life on Earth.

In essence, we are the essence of light, and the more light, the higher the vibration.

The Blue Ray Souls, many born between 1950 and 1970, are more introverted and not as outgoing as the Indigo children. Blue Rays are more similar to Crystal children.

Many of the Indigo children were born in the 80s, and they are more extroverted in their nature. Many Indigo children find it challenging to accept boundaries, prohibitions, and all the different systems that we are forced to deal with in life on Earth. Indigo children are more temperamental, and many are a bit overactive.

Crystal children primarily emerged in the 90s and beyond. They are also highly sensitive, more introverted than Indigo children, and vibrate at an even higher frequency. Many Crystal children struggle with anxiety issues because they don't learn to manage their high sensitivity. Crystal children have very high values and care deeply about animals and nature. For example, the growing vegan culture worldwide is also linked to the energy of Crystal children. Crystal children are here to save the world; they have very high values and expectations of themselves.

After Crystal children come Diamond children (also called Rainbow children in some countries). Diamond children are somewhat more similar to Indigo children; they are straightforward and self-assured. Many Diamond children are still very young, and it will be fascinating to see them grow up.

Now I'm also working on gathering some exciting astrological facts about these different generations. From 1983 to 1995, Pluto moved through Scorpio, influencing Generation Y.

This contributed significantly to the high sensitivity and elevated consciousness that those born during this time carry with them. Here, sensitivity is both high and very profound, with passionate feelings for change. The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune from 1983 to 1985 significantly enhanced the higher consciousness for all born during that time.

Additionally, there was a conjunction in 1993 between Uranus and Neptune. Uranus represents awakening, and Neptune represents spirituality. During this time, what is now called the New Age was born. Subsequently, Pluto moved into Sagittarius from 1995 to 2008, creating Generation Z. Those born with this influence have a more positive attitude and easily reach their higher consciousness; many are very intuitive and have a lot of perceptions. High ideals and a love for travel characterize this generation.

Now, since 2011, we have Neptune in Pisces until 2026, symbolizing a significant global spiritual awakening. It will be exciting to follow and see how Diamond children emerge more and more during this time!

Light and love, Helena-Magdalena

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