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Astro Guidance 8th April - 14th April

Helena-Magdalena's Astro Guide for the Week!

Week 15, 2024 April 8th – April 14th

The week begins with a total solar eclipse at the New Moon in Aries on Monday at 19° Aries at 8:20 PM. The world, especially the USA, awaits Monday's New Moon at 19° Aries with a total solar eclipse! Previous astrologers have said that eclipses have the greatest impact where they can be seen with the naked eye, which is the case in large parts of North America.

On Wednesday, Mars and Saturn meet in conjunction in Pisces. It's a tense transit, so use this day to think long-term. On Friday, the Sun and Mercury, which is retrograde, meet in Aries. Take the opportunity to write down your thoughts and reflections on what has happened within you during the eclipse period.

Due to an astrologically intense April for all of us, I've written several blog posts about the events in April. You can find them all on my blog:

Monday, April 8th

New Moon with total solar eclipse in Aries 19° (The Sun, Moon, and Mercury together in conjunction 19° Aries)

The New Moon in Aries, with a total solar eclipse, is ruled by the planet Mars, which in Greek mythology is Ares, the god of war. At this New Moon, Mars is in conjunction with Saturn, which is exact on Wednesday, so it's a tense situation, which we also notice in the world.

This eclipse and New Moon in Aries indicate new opportunities, the start of something new. So significant changes are happening now in our lives, on a personal level.

On a personal level, the New Moon in Aries can give you the motivation to take new steps in life, to leave the old behind. Mercury is retrograde and meets the Sun and Moon in conjunction, so it's a perfect time for you to change direction. Reflect on the changes you wish to make, for your sake, in your life. Reflect on the transformation that has occurred within you in recent weeks, since the full moon in Libra on March 25th. Feel free to write down what comes to you. Perhaps you're leaving something or someone behind now to create greater freedom for yourself in your life. Your energy is motivating, courageous, and you should put yourself first now.

Tuesday, April 9th

Wednesday, April 10th

Mars conjunction Saturn, 15° Pisces

Mars, representing drive and motivation, meets Saturn today, which represents structure, discipline, and perseverance. In the best of worlds, you can use these energies to focus on long-term goals for the future. But it can also be that you become frustrated and feel obstructed. Keep an eye on your mood, temperament, and let things shape up for the best. Use the perseverance that Saturn bestows instead of getting worked up about things; let things take time.

Thursday, April 11th

No transits

Friday, April 12th

Sun conjunction Mercury (r) 23° Aries

Mercury is now moving backward in Aries, and today he meets the Sun in a conjunction in the sign of Aries. It's a lovely transit that benefits communication in your life. Today is perfect for putting into words where you're heading in life. What are you going to focus on now, what dreams do you have about the future? What do you need to let go of?

Saturday, April 13th

No transits

Sunday, April 14th

No transits

Astrologer: Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt

I wish you an exciting week!

Light and love, Helena-Magdalena

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