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Astro Guidance April 22nd – April 28th

Helena-Magdalena's Astro Guide for the Week!

A new week is upon us! A new era is also on the horizon as Jupiter and Uranus form a conjunction. You could read about this in last week's astro guide. This transit is so powerful and initiates a new era. As above, so below, and we see major changes happening around us in the world. It's a charged atmosphere and much may change in the global landscape, and it may happen quickly. Let's hope and believe that everything happening now leads to positive changes for a long time to come. Transits in the sky create new cycles, and during these days, these new cycles are formed. It happens in the world, but also within you on a personal level.

When such a significant transit as a meeting between the outer planets occurs, life takes new directions in various ways. Jupiter expands and Uranus liberates and shakes things up, so feel into what's happening in your life now. To gain insights into the type of breakthrough you might experience, reflect on what was happening in your life in 2010–2011, 1997, 1983, 1968–1969, so you can get a hint of the energies influencing us even this week.

The planets move like a train, in a row, but now Jupiter has passed Uranus and is the engine of the train. So Jupiter is pulling the whole train now, broadening horizons and creating a larger reality for us all. There are three signs being visited; Jupiter, Uranus, and the Sun are moving through Taurus, Venus and Mercury are moving through Aries, Neptune, Mars, and Saturn are trailing behind in Pisces.

In addition to that, we have the Moon opposing the Sun, as always during a full moon. So Wednesday offers a powerful full moon in Scorpio.

On Thursday, Mercury finally turns direct again at 16° Aries. So now misunderstandings can be cleared up, technology can stop acting up, and things can flow more smoothly.

Monday 22/4

No transits

Tuesday 23/4

No transits

Wednesday 24/4

Full Moon in Scorpio 4°

The full moon in Scorpio is ruled by the mighty, transformative, and powerful Pluto. The Sun and Mars have beginning squares to Pluto, and there are tense energies that need to be transformed and released now. Feel where you're stuck and listen to where you find your motivation and dreams. Mars simultaneously forms a conjunction to Neptune, so it's your dreams and visions that lead you out of tense situations. Along with energies of Jupiter/Uranus and Mars sextiles, this full moon is completion, ending, and it's time to invest in following your dreams now.

Thursday 25/4

Mercury Direct at 16° Aries

After being retrograde in Aries since April 2nd, Mercury now turns direct again. So in this intense month of April, you've also had the opportunity to gather loose ends in your life, and now you can make the changes you've longed for. It often becomes like a domino effect when energies move forward again, and we've all had the opportunity to gain greater clarity in our lives. So, if you're awaiting news or want clarity on things, you can look forward to it now.

Friday 26/4

No transits

Saturday 27/4

No transits

Sunday 28/4

No transits

Astrologer: Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt

I wish you an exciting week!

Light and love, Helena-Magdalena

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