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Mysticism, Philosophy, and Power places

My spiritual childhood has shaped me into a seeker throughout life. To wander in the echoes of history and across different dimensions has been and still is my life's mission. As I have always felt that there is something more "beyond" and began talking to the stars as a child, it has influenced my entire life. Following the world of mysticism and attempting to find answers through philosophy, astrology, esoteric wisdom, religion, and mysticism, integrating it into my daily life, is my path. When I was barely eighteen, I, along with my older sister Annelie and friends, moved to Israel. It was to change our lives in many different ways.

Living as a Jew in my host family, Tova, who was a teacher, and I had many interesting conversations. That time taught me a lot. When I later returned to Sweden, I spent several years seeking answers through literature. I read about religion, history, esoteric wisdom, mysticism, mythology, and also became an astrologer. All in an effort to find answers to life's big questions. I delved into Kabbalah, Gnosticism, esoteric knowledge, and followed my calling to understand the functioning of the Universe.

By the age of 25, I had my first business and worked as a psychic and astrologer. Along with my mother and a few other women, we created The Greenhouse – for inner growth. We organized events, invited mediums, and other intriguing individuals to our Greenhouse to lecture and provide readings.

My desire to learn more led me to apply to Linnaeus University in Växjö, where I studied Social Care. Subjects such as sociology, psychology, and psychiatry deepened my understanding. My interest in people, especially on a soul level, led me to delve into the mystery of autism. I also studied Non-verbal Behavior Psychology at the university to enhance my ability to receive information beyond verbal communication.

The more I read and learned, the more my world expanded, and more questions swirled within me. I have always followed my intuitive path, relying more on feelings and intuition than on mental knowledge.

Throughout my life, I have embarked on soul journeys and witnessed very special places. I have also been called to historical sites, both in Sweden and abroad. The Pyramids in Egypt and, most recently, last winter, to Mexico with a visit to a Mayan pyramid.

When we are called to different places and follow our guidance, most importantly, I was called to Greece, to all the wonderful temple sites built for the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

My guidance in Greece has been total, as if almost every taxi driver told me and Sofia where to go next. Or, like the time when I sat next to a professor of archaeology on the plane to Athens! She taught me so much and also informed me that there was a Mystery School in Eleusis (now Eleusina)! – Sofia, there is a Mystery School in Eleusis, we must go there, I said when I arrived in Athens! – Absolutely, replied Sofia, my wonderful, beloved friend who has been living in Athens for many years. When we arrived in Athens for the second time in my life in 2015, I received an initiation/activation that I would perform for the people traveling with us in Greece. I understood that the initiation/activation should preferably take place in Pluto's/Hades' cave Plutonium at the Mystery School, which has happened several times over the years.

When we came to Delphi, it was as if I truly stepped into another time. Beloved Delphi, high up on the mountainside of Mount Parnassos with its beautiful temple site and the temples of Apollo and Athena. When I got there, I felt like I had come home in some way, and according to Anders B Johansson, a well-known astrologer, I also reached my dharma, my highest development in this life. In Delphi, we met Kostas! On that tour, we had a dear friend with us named Carina. It was her birthday, and we were going to celebrate her on the beach one of the days of our week. I had received guidance to buy a symbol as a gift. The days passed quickly, and eventually, we only had the opportunity to buy the symbol in Delphi.

Sofia and I managed to sneak away to go in search of the symbol. We went from store to store, but we couldn't find it! Finally, we looked up the street and said we should continue up, even though everything seemed closed. A little way up the street, a store was open, but when we arrived, a man put up a sign saying "Closed for 10 minutes."

We had no choice but to stay and look in the shop window, and there – right in front of us – was the symbol! – Look, Sofia, I said, there is the symbol. The man came out, smiled at us, and said: – I've been waiting for you all day because I got guidance this morning that two lightworkers would come looking for the symbol. – My name is Kostas, said the man, welcome in! Sofia and I looked at each other and followed.

Once inside the shop, we learned all about the symbol, Epsilon, which had once been above the gates of Apollo's temple and was connected to Venus and Sirius. It was a magical encounter! When we were about to leave, Kostas said: – You have an important task to bring spiritual people here to Delphi, and my mission is to help you! – Up in the mountains is Corycian Cave, the cave where the oracles in Delphi sat for hundreds of years before moving down and sitting in Apollo's Temple. – Next year, I will take you there, said Kostas. Which he did, not personally, but he hired a guide, Lukas, who is a spiritual guide and not an archaeological guide. It was a truly magical experience to visit Corycian Cave!

When we come to power places, there are so many energies in the area that we integrate with.

As the Greeks say, walk barefoot and absorb the energies through your feet! The Greeks are fully aware of the energies in these places. The Mystery School is so filled with these energies and souls that the place is illuminated at night because so much happens. Corycian Cave is a truly magical place, filled with energies from people who have been there but also from all the animals that live and have lived in the mountains. Standing on the mountain and looking out over the forests, the Mediterranean, and the ski slopes gave me a forever different view of Greece! Likewise, when we have traveled in the magical mountains of Meteora, you just wait to see the dragons!

When I left Delphi and Meteora behind me last year, it was with sadness in my heart. It was with a feeling that it would be a while before we are back. I even told Sofia that maybe there won't be any Greece next year, perhaps we should take a break? But we made an intellectual decision to have trips to Greece in 2020 as it was our 5th anniversary. However, there were no trips this year, just as we felt. Corona came, and everything changed.

Last year, I talked and wrote about Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter, and I understood that the world would change in January 2020, but I could never have imagined it would be like this!

But life goes on, and the Universe always has a plan!

When Corona created a total lockdown in large parts of the world, it provided an opportunity to pause, ground oneself, and stay put! It is truly the Earth's element that reigns now! Thanks to that, I stayed in Sweden, even though a part of my soul will always be with Sofia and in Greece.

The Universe's plan was to give us the opportunity in 2020 to create and start The Lighthouse. Located on a slope with the sea below, on the Onsala Peninsula outside Kungsbacka. A holistic center was in our pipeline, and it has been a wonderful summer on many levels. I reflected during my trip to Greece in September last year that we visited unusually many Apollo Temples – Apollo is the God of light. I recently read in Christer Claus's wonderful book "The Occult Path" that Apollo was said to be the God from Scandinavia, the light from the north. "The Greeks claim that he came from the land of the Hyperboreans where the sun never sets; in Scandinavia."

Now I am in a new place with truly magical energies!

I didn't know Onsala well before I moved here, as I had previously lived in Särö, a couple of miles further up the West Coast. Once on site, I started with my "Live in the Light" evenings, and we went down to Kyrkans Ängar for meditation. We were a small group of six people, two of the participants, Ulrika and Cilla, are also mediums. When we tuned in for meditation, we saw them! The mighty men towering behind us, in a straight line. There were perhaps twenty powerful and tall men. My first thought was that they were churchmen. But then the horses came rushing, and I heard the hoofbeats and had to duck! After a while, it calmed down, and I "saw" that the men had moved up to the ridge and were observing us from a distance. Where is this, I thought. I went home and searched for Onsala and saw that it means Odin's Hall, and we have moved right into Viking territories! I knew about Li's burial ground, which is a burial ground from the Viking Age, but I didn't know that we live next to a sacrificial grove (where Onsala Church was later built), but I quickly became aware of the powerful Viking energies here!

The mythological stories and legends have great similarities, and a long time ago, I read the Norse mythology, but then I got more stuck on Greek mythology. But now I'm back in Norse mythology and reading about the Viking Asa Gods. I see similarities between Odin and Zeus, the highest of the Gods.

The Universe always has a plan, and now it won't be a September in Greece, Delphi, and Meteora through the temples of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, but it will be a September here in Onsala with the Norse Gods and Goddesses, and there is surely a meaning to it.

I understand now why I bought a drum and a singing bowl last winter; my thought then was that it would be challenging to bring them to Greece. Still, it was the Universe's plan that they would be used here in these special places where people have lived since the Stone Age. Where Viking ships set out on their long journeys and where the Vikings lived.

When we come to a power place, it's just a matter of sitting in silence, tuning in, and feeling, and you will receive a lot of information.

Like when my daughters and I were in Jerusalem. My youngest daughter Jessica and I went to the Western Wall and placed our hands on the warm wall, along with many other people, and tears welled up in our eyes immediately; we felt people's sorrow, worry, and fear.

My ability to receive and process information about the places we find ourselves in.

Also present here in Onsala is the Rosicrucian Order, a society filled with wisdom and mysticism. I have been asked for several years to join the order; perhaps it's time now? I'll have to tune in and feel about it. When I can't be in the energies of the philosophers in Greece and the seven wise men in Delphi, I have the opportunity to find it elsewhere.

Life is an exciting journey, in many different dimensions and on many levels!

I wish you a wonderful week!

Light and love,


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