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Tuning into a place!

I tune into the dragon energies on Agistri!

The morning sunrays filter through the straw of the parasol as I recline on my beach chair on the shore of the small island of Agistri in Greece.

Today, gentle breezes sweep across the beach, so even though it's nearly 30 degrees Celsius, it feels very comfortable.

I breathe with the ocean waves and look around. Children play at the water's edge, capturing fish in plastic cups and laughing silently as the fish swim into containers with holes. They catch the fish to give to the small white kittens living in the bushes behind the restaurants.

People who have just arrived by ferry from Athens stroll along the promenade toward the center street here in Skala. The promenade follows the beach in a semicircle along the bay and ends with the beautiful white church with a light blue dome on the cape.

Agistri breathes on this Monday morning, and the weekend's liveliness has been replaced by a more relaxed pace. I squint in the sunshine and gaze toward the neighboring island of Aegina a few kilometers away. To the left on the island, on one of the highest mountains, the Temple of Aphaia rests in the morning sun. I am amazed that the temple has towered over the island and the sea for over 2000 years, and it still stands there. We can still look up at the temple and feel the energies of mystery spreading in the surroundings.

Today, I have a day of rest. My husband and I had the company of our dear friend Sofia over the weekend, but she has now returned to Athens, and Jörgen and I will stay for a few more days. I breathe, take long deep breaths, and watch the waves roll in and out over the sand. I see feathers and seaweed around me in the brown sand. The warm winds feel life-giving to breathe.

Late Friday night, just as I was about to fall asleep, I felt a presence in the room. I asked who was visiting, and it was the man who built the Alexandra hotel for his wife, Alexandra. Alexandra's daughter Anastasia now runs the hotel, and we have become good friends with both Alexandra and Sia, as we have visited the island many times and always stayed at their hotel. Suddenly, the man was in my room, and I became aware of his presence and could convey the messages he wanted to give to Alexandra and Sia. Perhaps it was because the room we stayed in the first night was adjacent to the part of the hotel that is their home and was also their home. I don't know, but it was a nice visit.

Today, I will tune in and meditate to start preparing for the journey/course that Sofia and I will start on Saturday. After a refreshing dip in the sea, I lie back on the thick cushion of the sun lounger to tune in.

I put on Spotify and listen to Eivor in my headset, filled with her exciting voice and instruments. I lie flat on the sun lounger and tune in with the nature around me. I am used to doing this at home, when I take my walks along the sea, or during my courses. So, I ask the place to open up for me, and I immediately feel a different energy around me. I see large birds flying above me; they are really big, and I don't know what kind they are. Shortly after, when I am even more tuned in to the place, I see dragon-like birds, or maybe they are dragons; in any case, it feels like I am many years back in time, and the island feels completely natural. Maybe no people live here at all? I don't see any, anyway.

I am filled with the powerful energy that fills me, and I feel like I am flying with the dragon birds over the beaches on the island. It is a lovely and exciting experience; it feels like I am back in ancient times somehow.

Finally, I call myself back to the present and to the sun lounger I am lying on. I am quite dizzy from the high energies, but I slowly return to the beach and the present.

I release the experience slowly and tune in to what I have around me.

Right then, it comes to me! An insight about Dragonera Beach, a beautiful beach that you can take the bus or boat to on the island. We have never been there, but we have passed by a couple of times. I google what Dragonera means, and it means dragon girl!

When I tuned in to the place, it gladly showed me its energy and history. You can do this in different places if you want. I call it tuning in, and there are probably other names.

Here's how you can do it: Breathe with long deep breaths for a few minutes while feeling yourself getting heavier and really landing in the place. Feel your body getting heavier and heavier. Then ask the place to open up for you; use telepathy and talk to the place around you. The place then opens its energy fields to you and shares the special energies present. Intuitively, you will receive information that you should not analyze, just let it come to you. Trust what comes; now you interpret the energies of the place.

What feelings, images, smells, energies, or other things do you get?

When you get a little practice, it quickly becomes easy to let nature open up to you. It is a nice and humble way to approach a new place. When we tune in with nature, wild animals also often come closer to us. They sense from the energy that they are safe even if we are there. Feel free to try it on your own.

Light and love, Helena-Magdalena

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