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Astro Guidance March 11 - March 17

Helena-Magdalena's Astro Guide for the Week!

The Week of March 11th - 17th

Enjoy the peaceful energy this week, because starting from March 25th, we're in for an intense month with a solar eclipse, Mercury retrograde, and the meeting of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. Follow the events as they unfold right here!

Planets are gathered in the earthy Taurus, the fiery Aries, the watery Pisces, and the airy Aquarius, moving through the zodiac at different speeds.

Monday, March 11th

Venus Enters Pisces

Today, Venus, the planet of pleasure, harmony, and love, enters dreamy Pisces. In this sensitive and imaginative sign, Venus feels right at home. Over the weeks Venus spends here, soft, feminine energies and intuition are heightened. It's also a perfect opportunity for creative visualization, imagining the life you want, as Pisces offers fantasy and inspiration.

Tuesday, March 12th

No Transits

Wednesday, March 13th

No Transits

Thursday, March 14th

No Transits

Friday, March 15th

No Transits

Saturday, March 16th

No Transits

Sunday, March 17th

Sun Conjunct Neptune at 27* Pisces

This transit heightens your intuition, sensitivity, and empathy. It contributes to a heightened awareness within and around you. Neptune can also make you feel insecure, confused, and vulnerable. Embrace the transit by taking it easy today, listening to beautiful music, reading a book, or watching a romantic movie. Love is gentle and lovely today.

You can read about how the planets affect your specific sign in the horoscope section of this newspaper.

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Wishing you an exciting week!

Light and love,


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