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Astrological Predictions 2023

Predictions 2023

2023 carries the energy of the number 7, harmonizing with the planet Neptune.

Enlightenment, healing, and a wave of spirituality are sweeping over us, as we have already seen in various ways.

2023 is a wonderful year for you to listen to your guidance through meditation and to seek and find your higher purpose in life.

Now, let's take a look at what the planetary sky holds for 2023.

I want to start by saying that in the coming years, we are facing significant shifts as the outer planets change signs. You can read more about it a bit later in the text.

I write about the movements of the planets every week in Tidningen Nära, but here you can see a summary of the major events for 2023.

I will present yearly horoscopes for all signs for 2023, where I describe how the various transits affect each individual sign. So, stay tuned in my advent calendar :)

Here's how the planets are categorized:

Personal Planets: The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. These move relatively quickly through the zodiac (the different signs) and mainly influence our daily lives.

Social Planets: Jupiter and Saturn move somewhat slower through the zodiac. Jupiter spends about 1 year in each sign, and Saturn takes 2.5 – 3 years. Their movements affect us all.

Collective Planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have a very slow orbit through the zodiac. When the social and collective planets meet or change signs, it affects the collective, humanity, for a long time.

In the coming years, all social and collective planets will change signs! So, we are facing significant changes for humanity!

Summary for the coming years:

Jupiter Aries/Taurus May 2023, Gemini May 2024, Cancer June 2025, and Leo 2026 Saturn enters Pisces 2023 and continues into Aries 2025 Uranus enters Gemini 2025 Neptune enters Aries 2025/2026 Pluto enters Aquarius 2023/2024 We are facing incredible shifts in the coming years. Now, we see many aspects of the old world falling, and a new world is being created.

In connection with these major shifts, the influence of the elements also changes. 2023 will be a year with strong energies of earth and water. Then it will shift towards more fire and air in the coming years.

But let's focus on 2023!

The year 2022 began with Venus retrograde, and we have truly seen how her power has manifested throughout the year! The women's fight for freedom is seen worldwide, and more and more women are entering positions of power!

The year 2023 starts with double retrogrades. Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn, and Mars is retrograde in Gemini. When these two turn direct in January, it will be with full energy and motivation from Mars and from Mercury, we can expect things to fall into place.

So, take the first weeks of the year to gather your loose ends and make the changes you wish to make. Find your motivation deep within you so that you are clear about what you want to do during the coming year.

From mid-January, it's full speed ahead on the personal planets. Shortly after, Uranus also starts moving forward, having been retrograde since 20/8.

All Mercury retrogrades this year occur in earth signs, so this year is about focusing on the practical aspects around you. Ground yourself, become aware of your senses, be more in your body and less in your head. It also involves your work, your home, your security, and your inner resources. Consider what gifts you have to share with the world.

Mars, gaining momentum in Gemini, does so shortly after Jupiter enters Aries (20/12–2022). So, it gives a lovely energy boost, as Aries is a fire sign and Mars is its ruling planet. Unfortunately, this combination is also of a warlike and aggressive nature, so there may be ongoing conflicts.

In March, we have a significant shift in the planetary sky!

Saturn, which has been in Aquarius since 2020, enters Pisces on 7/3 - 2023! Pluto, in Capricorn since 2008, moves forward into Aquarius on 23/3–2023, for a few months. In June, when it is retrograde, it moves back into Capricorn and stays there until 21/1–2024, when it re-enters Aquarius and stays until 2043! That's for 20 years!

Jupiter, which has been in Aries since 20/12, enters Taurus on 16/5. Uranus, in Taurus since 2018, moves into Gemini in July 2025, to stay there for seven years. Neptune, in its own sign Pisces since 2012, will also change signs. In March 2025, Neptune begins its visit to Aries, then goes retrograde back into Pisces in October 2025, and on 26/1 2026, it re-enters Aries to stay there until 2038/39.


Those who remember may recall that I mentioned the possibility of war in 2022. It is so tragic that it happened with Russia attacking Ukraine, and it might be a tough winter. When Jupiter leaves Aries in May 2023, we can hope and believe that things will calm down, if not sooner.

Jupiter in Aries is, by the way, a delightful energy that benefits us all, as it gives us the energy to take new steps in life!

When Jupiter moves into Taurus, the energy changes. Taurus is Mother Earth, and one of the major themes we are currently living is to care for her resources. We can see how inflation and electricity prices look now. Now it's about, together, protecting the Earth's resources and taking care of what we have.

Jupiter in Taurus also signifies that the economy can become better and more stable going forward. Many will want to become more self-sufficient and engage in growing their own food.


Saturn, who has been in Aquarius, where he hasn't felt comfortable at all. Aquarius is the inner rebel, and Saturn wants to set boundaries. We've seen a lot of this energy during the pandemic in recent years. We've witnessed people advocating for their freedom through demonstrations worldwide. Now Saturn moves into Pisces, where he feels better. He doesn't feel entirely at home, but he fits in a bit better here.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, representing our sensitive, intuitive self, our daydreams, and our soul. With Saturn now in Pisces, you can use this energy to truly create something from your daydreams and from your inner self. Write that poem, play that song, or make sure to structure your meditations.

So spirituality may encounter challenges with strict Saturn, but it can also grow, shifting from being unclear to more concrete. The world needs spirituality, faith, and dreams—think about how you can contribute!

In June, Jupiter, Taurus, and Saturn, Pisces, form a sextile at 7 degrees each. It's a wonderful aspect that will influence us for several months this year! Jupiter points towards dreams, and Saturn contributes to manifesting them. It gives us all a delightful flow, getting things done!


Uranus continues its journey in Taurus, where it has been since 2018. I remember writing several times about Mother Earth and how we use her resources during this time. It's a rare sight to see what's happening now with Mother Earth's resources. How, when used improperly, they destroy our planet. So let's hope we learn the lesson now, for humanity and for Mother Earth.


Neptune continues to move through its own sign, Pisces, this year as well. With Neptune, the God of the Sea, in Pisces, spirituality increases, as we've seen for many years. Neptune in Pisces also contributes to beautiful art, music, and turning dreams into reality!


Then we have Pluto's movement, giving us a taste of Pluto in Aquarius, which truly begins next year. Pluto is the planet of life and death, transformation, and it ends and changes things on its path through the zodiac. Aquarius represents humanity, the collective, and also revolution and uprising! One could say that this placement signifies that people want power and will fight for it. So, we can expect revolutions and demonstrations worldwide; people want to decide for themselves and gain greater freedom! Aquarius also governs spirituality and the longing for enlightenment, finding one's soul tribe and higher purpose will continue. We will see significant changes in the spiritual field in the future. Similarly, we will witness new, exciting subjects and treatments taking shape. Aquarius also governs technology, so we will see significant changes in that area too. What we have become accustomed to now will evolve and be replaced. I also have a feeling here that there will be news in everything related to technology; artificial intelligence will surely become an even more significant part of our daily lives.


The eclipses in 2023 occur in Aries/Libra and Taurus/Scorpio.

The New Moon in Aries is about you, your goals, dreams, and where you are going in life. It provides wonderful opportunities to take new steps in life. The New Moon in Libra is about you with others, your relationships in both friendship and love. Are you thinking "I" or "we"? There are excellent opportunities for both love and collaborations this fall.

The Taurus/Scorpio eclipses are about your resources, your gifts to share with the world, your finances, and your security. Scorpio governs the resources we share with others in joint ownership, inheritance, funds, and more. The first eclipse period is between Aries' New Moon on April 20th and Scorpio's Full Moon on May 5th. At the New Moon, new opportunities arise, and it's a perfect time to set personal goals. At the Full Moon, what you started at the Scorpio New Moon last fall is completed. What are you willing to let go of now? Are you stuck in any way regarding shared finances?

April 20th New Moon 29.49° Aries with a solar eclipse May 5th Full Moon 15° Scorpio with a lunar eclipse

The second eclipse period begins on October 14th with the New Moon in Libra's sign. The sign of relationships and also of art, creation, diplomacy, and peace. This is a wonderful opportunity in love! The eclipse concludes with the Full Moon in Taurus on May 5th. The Full

Moon prompts you to look at your security, your inner resources, and your finances. Some of it may have borne fruit, so you can make the changes you desire now.

October 14th New Moon 21° Libra with a ring-shaped solar eclipse October 28th Full Moon 5° Taurus with a partial lunar eclipse

So, there's an eclipse between the signs Aries and Libra, and it's about the theme of "I" or "we" here. The eclipse between Taurus and Scorpio, we've had several times in 2022, and it repeats now one last time. It represents our resources, both our own and those we share with others. So, the economy is relevant for this eclipse.

T-Squares, Grand Trine, and Yod

In mid-May, in conjunction with Jupiter entering Taurus, a T-square will form between Pluto, Mars, and Jupiter. This will create a tense situation between the planets. Mars and Pluto challenge each other, and Jupiter enters to expand the energies. This could lead to some challenges in the world.

A Grand Trine between Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto in September suggests wonderful and exciting news in the world!

Several Yods, also called the Finger of God, will form during the year. Yods point to events that are fateful. At least three Yods will form this year, and Venus is involved in all three, representing harmony and peace! So, let's hope that this year's Yod shows very positive events!

Mercury Retrogrades

December 29th to January 28th in Capricorn April 21st to May 15th in Taurus August 23rd to September 15th in Virgo

So, all Mercury retrogrades occur in Earth signs in 2023, signifying that we all need to gather loose threads and feel steady on our feet!

Venus: July 23rd to September 4th in Leo

Mars (October 30th) January 1st to January 12th in Gemini

Jupiter's retrograde: September 4th to December 31st in Taurus

Saturn's retrograde: June 17th to November 4th in Pisces

Uranus retrograde until January 22, 2022, and from August 29th

Neptune retrograde: June 30th to December 6th

Pluto retrograde: May 1st to December 27th

Light and love,


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